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Should I rent a car in Iceland? A common question asked for those planning to the hot destination of Iceland. Quite frankly, I don’t see the appeal in booking a tour bus when Iceland is meant to be explored in its wild and raw form. Since our core principle here at Wandering Chocobo is adventure, I think booking a car is the way to go! Take that one step further and rent a campervan, which can be done even in the winter. How do I know? I did it! Renting a campervan from KuKu Campers Rental in Iceland allowed me to have the dream visit to Iceland I always wanted. It was just us and the open road sleeping under the stars and creating our own destiny. *The views expressed in this review are my own and this was not a sponsored post.

Iceland Campervan and Car Rental Review Kuku Campers

Should you Rent a Campervan in Iceland?

Well, duh, that’s an obvious answer, but I’ll back that up with some fact.

1. Saves Money: A campervan saves money in the long run. Accommodation in Iceland is expensive, books up in advance and sometimes is few and far between in remote areas. The rental price of a campervan is a bit steeper when you compare it to a car, but when you factor in the savings, we ended up saving a lot of money.

2. Freedom to customize your trip: Time and time again we found ourselves changing plans in Iceland. If we had booked hotels or BnBs we would have been locked into a set itinerary. We had the freedom to offroad without worry about getting back to check into a hotel on time and our bed was always with us.

3. 4×4 option: We rented a Durango that was converted to a campervan and we were able to safely navigate the snow and ice of Icelandic winter.

Camper Rental Iceland

Why Kuku Campers?

Renting a campervan from KuKu Campers was a highlight of our trip to Iceland. The best part of renting from KuKu was the personalized customer service experience. With local employees, we got insider tips with realistic advice to empower us to do the trek on our own. KuKu offers a whole fleet to choose from, but with just two of us traveling in the winter we knew we had to pick a heavy 4×4 as the wind and icy can be quite tumultuous. We chose the hefty Dodge Durango. Check out my guide to renting cars and safety in Iceland Here

Kuku Camper Rental and Reivew Iceland

Our experience with Kuku Campers

Our experience started with a prompt pick up at the airport where our two jovial guides helped us with the luggage and we were on our way. The drive from the airport to the city was 45 minutes filled with jokes, laughter, inside tips and personal stories about growing up in Iceland.

Back at the office, we went over paperwork. The staff was able to provide us with information on Iceland’s slightly complicated insurance system. Insurance is important, as liability often rests with the driver, but some of the insurance seemed unnecessary. We chose a middle of the link package, after verifying with our credit card company what they offered. After the paperwork was done, we began to plan our trip. With access to their computer and easy to read maps they marked some exclusive places. Have you heard of the commercialized Blue Lagoon? Yes? Well, how about Secret Lagoon… ; ) We came prepared with ideas, but after their help researching and providing us with a realistic itinerary for winter we came up with a great day to day plan. Check out our Iceland 5 day Itinerary, that was created with the help of KuKu Campers here.

The campers come fully equipped with a phone charging plug, cook stove and utensils, fridge/icebox that cools when the car is on, cleaning supplies and a heater. Additional items that can be purchased for small fees are sleeping bags, pillows, camping chairs, table and GPS. Since it was winter out we doubled up on sleeping supplies and nothing else. I would recommend the GPS for anyone who doesn’t have international data, like we did. We used maps A LOT. There’s also a shared pile of unopened food, water and toiletries that were never used by the previous customers to reduce waste.

After the safety training, we were allowed to inspect the car before we departed. Once you hit the road you’re mostly on your own. KuKu does, however, have a network of offices and garages around the country that you can pull into or call if you need any help, but for small things, like tire changes and general safety precautions you will need to be able to perform yourself.

We did have issues with our heater, so make sure your heater works before departing and if you’re traveling in the winter you have plenty of warm clothing and blankets in case the heater goes out.

Iceland Ponies Road Trip Iceland

Overall, KuKu Campers is a perfect option for the confident, whimsical traveler. If you don’t want to worry about changing a tire, driving on rough terrain and peeing in the woods this may not be the option for you. BUT if you want the freedom of the open road, rustic and exciting camping adventures and a personalized itinerary on your own time this is a great option.

Camper Rental Iceland

Camper Rental Iceland

Camper Rental Iceland

Check out their website for additional pricing and vehicle options. KuKy Campers

Review of Kuku Camper campervan rental in Iceland. Plan your exciting road trip in Iceland with this honest review.