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Last updated on January 7th, 2021 at 01:27 pm

When most people think of Iceland, they think of the iconic Blue Lagoon, that perfectly instagrammable location that signifies everything Iceland. Or does it? Iceland is a wild and raw country with plenty of natural lagoons surrounded by nature. The Blue Lagoon, however, is commercialized and crowded. Enjoy the real Iceland and find The Secret Lagoon. The Secret Lagoon is just what the title hints at, secret and intimate. With a limit on the number of people allowed in and tucked away in a small Icelandic town, this place became my favorite, with two visits during our Iceland Road Trip. It can be tricky to find, but keep an eye out for the signs in the town of Flúðir for the Lagoon.

Secret Lagoon Iceland an alternative to Blue Lagoon

If you’re following my five-day Winter Road Trip this is a stop along the way!

Secret Lagoon in Iceland an alternative to Blue Lagoon

Is the Blue Lagoon worth it? No, skip that tourist trap with a dip into real Iceland. The friendly staff at the Secret Lagoon in Iceland welcome you into the small office, with a lounge area for those not wanting to go in. Check in at the counter where you can purchase tickets, a towel and some wine or beer! All up it’s about $9 per person and $3 for the towels. Be careful, if you arrive during peak time, in the evening, with their headcount limit, you may not be able to make it in. So, have a plan B or get ready there early in the evening.

The Secret Lagoon Iceland. Skip the tourist trap of the Blue Lagoon for this intimate warm escape.

Secret Lagoon Iceland a natural spa alternative to Blue Lagoon

There are two separate locker rooms for males and females and the facilities are quite nice. You can safely store any valuables or clothing in the lockers, but make sure to leave your shoes outside the room. You’re expected to shower upon arrival and when they say shower, they mean shower. Take off ALL your clothing and soap up. There are even handy signs in the shower room, reminding you that fecal matter and sweat are on your body. It’s ok, don’t be shy, when in Rome, right?

In the winter the walk to the lagoon is cold and icy, so be careful, but once you enter the warm waters you’re in heaven. The warmest spot of the lagoon is against the right-hand wall. A spooky mist covers the lagoon, with a nearby geyser erupting every few minutes and the abandoned old bathhouse crumbling in the distance. My boyfriend and I enjoyed wine and stayed soaking for hours.

Secret Lagoon Iceland

I highly recommend the Secret Lagoon for anyone driving through Iceland! It is one of the best lagoons around Iceland for a relaxing spa-like treatment among the elements of the wild.