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Then we might be a great fit! I’m striving to develop an ethical brand that prioritizes impact over profit. I recently finished my MSc thesis, which focused on using Nature-Based Solutions in tourism to benefit biodiversity and local communities. I have years of experience in the travel industry, working as a tour guide in Alaska, launching several travel blogs, and managing my own sustainable media company.

I hope to connect with brands that align with my morals. If you are a travel destination prioritizing regenerative, ethical, local, meaningful, and sustainable travel, I would love to join you for a sponsored FAM trip to explore the nature, small businesses, and eco-initiatives that make your destination unique. If you’re a conservation or environmental NGO looking for a science communicator to highlight your work, I would love to visit and share your work with my readers. If you’re a small independent tour company supporting the local economy, joining you for a small group tour would be great. Suppose you’re a remote eco-lodge focusing on regenerative travel and looking to market to like-minded travelers. In that case, I will enjoy experiencing your work firsthand and creating content for my captive audience. I am your go-to if you are a digital or print magazine looking for an expert to help you capture a new, sustainable-focused audience!

Overall, if you are anyone working in the tourism industry striving to make travel a more sustainable industry while positively impacting your destination, I would love to work with you. Take time to read more about myself, Curiosity Saves, and my media kit. to understand my Mission, Vision, and Values. If you have the same values and vision, don’t hesitate to contact me with a targeted pitch to discuss this in more detail.

Freelance Writing and Content Creation

I also work as a freelance writer and content creator alongside my blog. These are just some topics I can cover for your publication or work with you to feature on my website.

Science Journalism and Tourism: In 2022, I will graduate with an MSc in Biodiversity, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on Nature-Based Solutions in tourism and management. I’m passionate about environmental communication and science-related topics, uniquely intertwined with climate change and tourism. I recently attended a press event for the ESA to cover their cleanroom event for their Copernicus launch, which will provide data regarding the earth’s climate and ocean trends. I also enjoy traveling to and covering science locations, such as Einstein’s home, planetariums, and observatories, or cruising Lake Constance with Nobel Laureates.

Alaska: I was born and raised in Alaska for 26 years. I spent my childhood in the small town of Eagle River. I return home at least once a year and can create authentic content from a local’s perspective about the outdoors, lifestyle, food, craft beverages, travel, and more. I have been featured in several print magazines for the PPI Group, including Seabourn Club Herald, writing about craft beer and spirits in Alaska and Porthole, covering a local approved 48-hour itinerary to Anchorage.

Alaska range Denali in winter

Munich and Germany: I lived in Munich for 7 years – gaining permanent residency. I can create content about life as an immigrant, local cultural events such as beer festivals, sustainability in Germany, hipster and local haunts, food, beverage, travel, and more.

Munich frauenkirche

Sustainability and Ecotourism: I maintain a sustainable lifestyle and always promote ethical and eco-travel. I can cover topics related to travel ethics, tourism leakage, ethical wildlife encounters, sustainable ecotourism, responsible travel, and positive impact travel.

Outdoors and Nature-Based Tourism: I’m an active outdoor gal. I enjoy multiday hiking, trekking, snowboarding, and green spaces. My years in Alaska made me hearty, and I do not shy away from epic adventures. I can create outdoor content for DMOs promoting nature-based tourism that does minimal harm to nature. I am willing to take gear sponsorships for ethical outdoor companies I already use.

female brown bear in a grassy field

Alternative Tourism: I enjoy covering hipster city guides, which is a way to highlight local small businesses, farmers’ markets, farm-to-table eating, local art, sustainable spots, craft beverages, and more. These hipster guides and city perspectives are a great way to boost the local economy for small businesses, diffuse mass-over tourism, and highlight the modern flavors of a city away from the top highlights.

Women’s Issues: I’m a proud feminist and advocate for women’s issues. I’m happy to cover topics about women’s rights, such as life as a woman in Munich or Alaska or women-owned tour businesses.

Public Speaking and Events

If you are looking for a speaker at your next online or in-person travel or environmental science event, I would love for you to consider hiring me. I am interested in speaking at events and looking to have an expert talk about the intersection of the environment and tourism, particularly considering biodiversity and nature-based solutions. I can also speak on more approachable topics, such as ecotourism, sustainable tourism, responsible content creation, and more!

Brands I’ve Worked With

sustainable travel talks

Sustainable Travel Talks is a podcast sponsored by WithLocals and hosted by Peigi and Roberto. They invited me to be a guest expert on a topic related to my Master’s thesis – the relationship between biodiversity and tourism. Peigi and I explored this relationship, covering some of the positive and negative implications for biodiversity in areas where tourism occurs. We leave the readers with actionable steps to help mitigate their impact on biodiversity and ensure tourism is a force to help alleviate the concerns of the biodiversity crisis.

BW Jezt is the tourism board for the German state of Baden-Württemberg. A progressive state focusing on science, and R&D they are the hosts of the annual Nobel Laureate Closing Party during the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. I was invited by BW Jetzt to attend their closing party and provide coverage interviewing Nobel Laureates and promising young scientists while highlighting what a great place BW is for those interested in science related travel. You can read the article I wrote covering the Lindau Nobel Laureate Closing Event and see some of my Instagram posts, here and here.

Traverse Journeys is a progressive female-owned tour company that focuses on People, Planet, and Purpose. Their small group tours provide travelers with authentic experiences hosted by local guides, ways to give back by supporting local NGOs, and a chance to practice responsible travel. I worked with them on two press trips, one to New Zealand, and the other to Ireland. Their company aligns with my brand. As an ethical and sustainable content creator, I can highly recommend them to all my readers. Use code sk100 for $100 off any of their trips around the world. 

Traverse Journeys invited me to speak at an educational webinar about sustainable and ethical travel. You can watch the video on YouTube.

Trestle is a consulting and grassroots advocacy group focused on providing underprivileged youth with the tools they need to succeed as leaders in sustainability. They reached out and invited me to do a two-part sustainable travel series speaking to their audience. The first was an Instagram live with their founder. We talked about practical ways to embrace sustainable travel and the path ahead for the industry. The second was to create a blog post for their website on a similar topic.

Are You A Sustainable Travel Blogger?

Head over to my Contributor and About Page to learn more about opportunities for content creators and bloggers. I have limited spots for paid blogging collaborations and with a DA of 36, I offer unlimited opportunities to grow your blog. This is a great opportunity for emerging and expert sustainable travel creators to get some traction and visibility.

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I only respond to genuine emails that are sent with the purpose to create a meaningful relationship. Please read through my MVV, Media Kit, and Freelance skills to ensure we are the right fit. I don’t respond to emails about buying links, companies I feel don’t align with my ethics, or companies looking to add their own content to my website.

I look forward to hearing from you!