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Are you curious about how you can visit France more responsibly? Make sure you step out of the popular tourist hot spots like the top 10 sights in Paris and explore the hidden gems and the cultural side of Paris or explore rural France in a campervan with their Passion project. France is making waves with their eco-initiatives like fining companies for Ecocide, and equality in government, so you can feel good about supporting their federal economy.

Eiffel Tower
France Christmas Markets


Endangered Species: Monk Seal, European Mink, Atlantic Right Whale, and Pyrenean Desman

1 in 4 species in France threatened with extinction

Home to 34 bat species. Tour Gouffre de la Fage to see bats!

Successful re-introduction of Ibex in the French Pyrenees

Nature Parks

8 National Parks + 3 overseas territory parks

56 Natural Parks

National Parks protect nearly 30% of French land and 22% of French waters.

Consider visiting a natural park instead of a city break on your next trip to France

Environmental Wins

One of the lowest GHG emitters in the industrial world

Reduced GHG emissions by 10% from 1990-2013

Ecocide bill punishes companies for environmental damage

Lyon Airport is carbon neutral

Smart tourism combines culture, sustainability, and accessibility

Carbon Offset

Offset locally with Reforest Local a reforestation project in France.

Donate to Friends of Earth France 

Reduce Your Impact

Eat and purchase bio/organic food – free of pesticides

Learn all park guidelines to protect biodiversity

Make use of France’s extensive recycling scheme and sort your waste

France is mostly plastic-free – bring your reusables

Public Transportation

Prioritize walking or biking in urban areas

Can you take a train or bus instead of a flight to and around France?

Can you rent an electric car? There are charging stations in many places!

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