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Last updated on May 13th, 2019 at 06:32 pm

Every year thousands of people descend upon the all but the barren Black Rock Desert to build a community for Burning Man. It’s hard to explain this week-long event to outsiders and sometimes even to burners; as each person has a unique experience that can not be translated. The best I can say is Burning Man was everything I needed at the exact time I needed it, nothing less nothing more. I urge you to attend a Burn yourself, but at the very least this series of magical photographs from Burning Man 2017: Radical Ritual will help you understand why it is such a special place. These photos from the original Burning Man in Nevada, United States, focus on art pieces, art cars and the life of a burner on the Playa. Make sure to click READ MORE on the image below for an engaging visual experience and high-quality photos.

Burning Man Photography and Art Tour: Radical Ritual 2017

Radical Ritual 2017: Burning Man Photo Tour

Camera and Equipment Used for Burning Man Photos.

I hope you enjoyed my engaging photography tour from the original Burning Man in the United States. I had a blast taking my camera out on the Playa to capture these special moments. To protect my camera I used a freezer bag, cut a hole in the corner and duct taped it around the lens. I brought a cleaning brush and lens wipes and took daily care of it. I was surprised at how well my camera held up. Next time I will hopefully have an element proof camera in tow. All photos were taken either on my Olympus OM-DEM10 or on a Google Pixel. Both were great for the environment we were in and I was happy to come out with some great night and day photos. I do wish I would have brought my tripod, as I got some fantastic shots of The Man Burning, but either the fire or the fireworks were a little too blurry to publish.

Burning Man Photography Art The Man 2017 Radical Ritual

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Amazing photography from Burning Man. See out-of-this-world art and life on the Playa in Black Rock City, Nevada.

Stunning photography tour from Burning Man. Get inspired to go pack your bags for Burning Man with these unique photos from the Playa.

See out-of-this-world photography from Burning Man. Explore art, including The Man, and desert life from Black Rock City, Nevada in the United States

Vibrant photography from the desert at Burning Man in Nevada, United States. Tour art and lifestyle on the Playa through a unique perspective