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Are you curious about outfit repeating while traveling, but you’re too scared to put yourself out there as the person wearing “that outfit again?” I get it. That label can at first be embarrassing, especially for avid travelers active on social media – but it shouldn’t be. Thankfully Meredith is here to help us embrace and normalize outfit repeating, please make sure to support her, by heading over and following her blog for more tips – and read on for her great advice.  [no_toc]

Ever caught yourself reaching for that go-to outfit that delivers style and comfort only to remember you wore it yesterday? Or even worse, that you already wore that combo the last time you were around the source of the invite. Immediately deterred, you begin sifting for another equally comfortable and stylish replacement fit instead. In recent years, society has pushed the appearance of the acceptance of minimalism for the sake of trends. But when will normalizing the struggles of minimalism be acceptable, too?

My personal journey toward a more sustainable existence began a handful of years ago. Starting by taking baby steps to eliminate plastics in my daily routine, and holding myself accountable for wasting less. Slowly, but surely, becoming a slightly annoying advocate for the multiple facets of sustainability in general. Looking back on past moments of ignorance and overconsumption, I am grateful for the changes I have implemented thus far. Especially reflecting on my past existence as a solo female backpacker limited to 60L of belongings for years at a time.

normalizing outfit repeating and minimalist packing for travel

Make sure you save this pin to your favorite packing or fashion board. By doing so, we can begin to change the social norm in favor of outfit repeating for a more sustainable travel industry.


  • Let’s make outfit repeating the new norm for the travel industry
  • Outfit repeating and minimalist mentality are great ways to embrace sustainability, lighten your pack, and make a bold statement!
  • Challenge yourself to give it a try!

Normalizing Minimalism as a Traveler

While backpacking, any new clothing purchase was a decision. That or a swap for an existing item already in my pack because there simply wasn’t space for both. Or worse, when that pack missed connecting flights forcing me to rely only upon the clothes on my back. This has happened in various countries around the globe at least once or twice. But none was as memorable as my time visiting Cuba in 2019 (pre-pandemic). 16 of 20-plus days spend gallivanting the island wearing primarily one outfit the entire trip. Needless to say, I embraced hearing people say, “that outfit again?” while reviewing photos of the journey.

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The breakdown of emotions centered around outward displays of beauty had me questioning my own values. Considering my seven-year background in the beauty industry (long before my globetrotting days) this revelation didn’t come easy. I say that to say that if I can acknowledge the need to normalize outfit repetition, surely the majority can too.

Meredith wearing the same outfit while traveling the world

Furthermore, sustainable traveling is the future. And sustainable travel methods, like outfit repeating, should be at the forefront of all of our travel plans.  I get it, we watch social media influencers doing their thing with outfit changes galore. But what happened to “thinking outside of the box”? Anyways, how boring if we all continued to do the same exact thing, no? As a micro-influencer, I am proud to lead by example. My feed is freckled in captures of me in the same outfit, different accessories, around the globe.

Embracing Outfit Repeating on the Road

Before becoming a full-time traveler in 2016, the concept of outfit repeating was introduced to me by a different culture. As a Volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps, I was stationed overseas in Eastern Europe. There I witnessed a culture accept the wearing of the same outfit to work three times during the workweek. Work clothing was removed and hung at the close of each day and “house clothes” adorned thereafter. Brilliant concept, am I right?

Now, as an avid traveler and a solo female one at that, I’ve found blending in to be a stronger play than standing out. One that outfit repeating on the road helps in spades. A trick to incorporating and embracing outfit repeating while traveling is accessorizing. Think layers and reversible in regards to clothing; that t-shirt inside out and backward gives a totally different look. Pop a blazer or cardigan over that and look out! 

Meredith Bag Lady San Diego outfit repeating in Spain

I’m a fan of purchasing accessories like scarfs or wearable knick-knacks that support local artisans while traveling. This is, of course, in place of purchasing more typical souvenirs. Doing so also allows me to manipulate my appearance as my trip progresses. By rotating these accessories regularly on my journey, I could take any outfit from day to night in a snap. Not to mention how empowering it felt to release the holds of society’s expectations of “beauty”. Each opportunity to repeat the same outfit was an opportunity to change my mindset.



Ways to Implement a Minimalist Mentality 

The best way to implement a more minimalistic mentality is to seek awareness. Enlighten your mind on the harmful impacts of the fashion industry on our planet. Dig deeper and educate yourself and your loved ones on the lasting impacts therein. We live in an Information Age after all. Not to mention that corporations are being held to higher social standards of transparency these days. It takes the click of a mouse to learn if brands are socially conscious or eco-friendly and in what capacities. 

Meredith Bag Lady San Diego travel quote

Investigate where the thrift shops or flea markets in your community are and shop there vs large retail chains. It may sound inconvenient upfront, but has long-lasting effects on your mindset if seen through. Wear the same outfit twice in the same week. What’s the worst that can happen? Normalizing the struggles of minimalism, by default, will follow.

Discuss and Share

There are so many benefits to wearing the same outfit again and again. Not only can it help save the travel industry from the harmful impacts of fast fashion, but it will save you money and lighten your luggage. Here at Curiosity Saves Travel, we love seeing travel bloggers, influencers, and content creators wearing the same outfit. While you might think it is scary, or you’ll put yourself in the line of fire for judgment, we hope that Meredith has helped empower and inspire you to change your ways – if she can do it, I know we all can too. This is a great reminder to build a wardrobe with pieces you love that will last and look great in any situation. Join the conversation and let us know what you think!

  • What do you think about outfit repeating? Would you give it a go? Let us know why or why not in the comments, and let’s all encourage each other to wear it again.
  • Do you have any favorite travel accounts that you see wearing the same outfits on their blog or social media? Let us know who they are so we can allow following some new and inspiring accounts.

Together we can change the social norm and reduce our waste!

normalizing outfit repeating and minimalist packing for travel
normalizing outfit repeating for minimalist packing
That Outfit Again? Normalizing The Struggles of Minimalism & Outfit RepeatingThat Outfit Again? Normalizing The Struggles of Minimalism & Outfit Repeating