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Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 12:52 pm

Are you curious what Oktoberfest was like in the 19th and 20th century? Well, you’re in luck, as the Oide Wiesn or “Old Oktoberfest” transports you to the past for wholesome, boozy fun intermixed with authentic Bavarian culture and traditions! This comprehensive guide to Oktoberfest Oide Wiesn in Munich is newly updated for 2023!

If you’re like me, someone who appreciates big global events for their cultural significance but struggles with crowds and messy drunk people, then you will appreciate learning all about the Oide Wiesn. After living in Munich for 7 years, I began gravitating to the Oide Wiesn more and more each year as an introvert exploring Oktoberfest. The Oide Wiesn is a great way to engage in meaningful cultural tourism rather than drunk hot mess party tourism, as a tribute to historic Oktoberfests of the past. At the Old Oktoberfest, you’ll find historical games, attractions, a prominent focus on Bavarian culture and tradition, and plenty of traditional beer to keep you hydrated. There is something magical about the Oide Wiesn; the beer tastes better, and the music sounds a bit sweeter.

Oide Wiesn old Oktoberfest

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Oide Wiesn, including its location and all the important details, such as information on the Oide Wiesn beer tents, reservations, costs, and what to expect. So, get ready to join the ghost of Oktoberfest past and journey to a time and place where lederhosen-clad men will randomly join you at your table to slap their leather-covered thighs during a traditional whip dance. It is incredibly attractive – trust me.

Experience the old oktoberfest Oide Wiesn Visit Historic Oktoberfest in Munich

This isn’t my first time sharing Oktoberfest secrets.

What is Oide Wiesn?

Oide Wisen History

Oide Wiesn translates to “Old Wiesn” or “Old Oktoberfest.” Interestingly, though, the Oide Wiesn in its modern form is not actually that old. It was founded in 2010 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first Oktoberfest as a special festival event called the Historische Wiesn or Historic Oktoberfest. This was only supposed to be a one-time event and featured two beer tents, historical attractions, and a horse race. The horse race is significant as a nod to the first Oktoberfest, which was hosted to celebrate a wedding and included a horse race.

Oide Wiesn a traditional folk music band plays on stage

The Historische Wiesn was so popular that many wanted it as a permanent fixture at Oktoberfest. The event changed a bit from the first one held in 2010 – for example, there is no longer a horse race, and there are now three beer tents and attractions covering three hectares. In its new form, the Oide Wiesn happens annually, except for every 4th year (but more later).

What to Expect at the Oide Wiesn

Walking into the Oide Wiesn is like stepping back in time. It is best to experience it yourself, but the best way to describe it would like be visiting a county fair circa the 19th century. As you explore the Oide Wiesn, you’ll see old Bavarian tractors on display, old carnival-style games such as Kegelbahn – or German bowling, and all sorts of old German attractions, games, and rides. A large tent in the back, called the Museumzelt or museum tent, houses many of these games and a collection of Oktoberfest artifacts, such as some of the old posters and artwork from past events. Intermixed with the attractions, food vendors sell snacks such as sandwiches. Of course, there is plenty of beer and full meals within three large unique beer tents – which I’ll discuss in more detail later. Inside the tents, you’ll often find traditional brass music and folk and cultural dancing displays like the traditional Bavarian Schuhplattler.

A woman enjoys Augustiner beer from a ceramic stein at Oide Wiesn Oktoberfest

The focus here is wholesome family fun, as there are plenty of activities for kids and adults alike. It is not the place to get plastered with your mates in tacky Oktoberfest costumes. But that doesn’t mean it is just for families. I enjoy the somewhat relaxed atmosphere and focus on Bavarian culture and traditions of Oktoberfests past.

2023 Oide Wiesn Important Information for Old Oktoberfest

Oide Wiesn Location

The Oide Wiesn is on the same fairgrounds as Oktoberfest, so you can easily walk between the two areas – depending on how crowded it is. That means you get there the same way you would arrive at Oktoberfest. Take the U4 or U5 Ubahn Line directly to the festival or walk to the Theresienwiese. You will need to enter the main Oktoberfest grounds first, which is free to enter and does require a security check – leave the large bags at home. Depending on your chosen entrance, once inside the fairgrounds, you will look for the large Ferris wheel to the NW and head in that direction.

A woman with braided hair at Oktoberfest looks at the Ferris Wheel

Behind the Ferris wheel, you’ll see a walled-off entrance that says Oide Wiesn. Choose a line and make your way to the cashier.

Entrance Fee for Oide Wiesn

Unlike the rest of Oktoberfest, there is an entrance fee for the Oide Wiesn.  In 2023 an entrance ticket costs 4 euros for anyone older than 15. 

Oide Wiesn Oktoberfest rides

This cost subsidizes the rides and attractions inside the old Oktoberfest, which only cost 1.50 euros in 2023. The rides in the main Oktoberfest are much more expensive (but also much more flashy and exhilarating).

Capacity Limit

While the Oide Wiesn is generally less crowded and busy than Oktoberfest, it can get crowded, especially on weekends, evenings, and busy days. Once they are at capacity, they may close or limit entrance.

Therefore, the best time to visit the Oide Wiesn is on weekdays or early weekends. It will be much easier to find a seat and enjoy the ambiance. 

Oide Wiesn tradition Bavarian Schuhplattler

2023 Dates and Hours for Oide Wiesn

The 2023 Oide Wiesn will occur from September 16 to October 3, 2023. Yes, these are the same dates as the regular Oktoberfest since they are part of the same event.

The 2023 Oide Wiesn opening hours are from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm. Live music and performances usually start around noon. Beer is not served past 10:30 p.m. when the music typically stops. 

Oide Wiesn tractors on display

2023 Beer Prices for the Oide Wiesn

The beer prices have once again increased. For the 2023 Oktoberfest season, Oide Wiesn beer prices are between 13.20 and 14.20 euros, depending on the tent.

You should have cash, as they do not accept credit or debit cards for the beer. Most tents, such as Festzelt Tradition, have ATMs on site, but you might get better rates for withdrawing cash ahead of time. Considering the beer is strong at the Oide Wiesn, and I typically only drink about 2 maß, I suggest carrying enough cash for 3-4 maß, plus food. Most meals cost about 20 euros per person, with snacks such as pretzels being cheaper. I rarely enter Oktoberfest with less than 200 euros to ensure I can get a beer at various tents, a full meal (or 2 if I am there all day), snacks, water, and anything else that catches my attention as I wander about.

Agricultural Festival

Since the regular occurrence of Oktoberfest, there has been an agricultural element to the event. There were cattle markets and prizes as part of Oktoberfest dating back more than 200 years ago. Over the years, this agricultural element has transformed and resembles something close to the 4-H or FFA exhibits at U.S. state fairs. Since 1996, this agricultural special only takes place every four years and replaces the Oide Wiesn in those years. 

Oide Wiesn Old Oktoberfest

During the Central Bavarian Agricultural Festival or Bayerisches Landwirtschaftsfest, you’ll find regional products similar to a farmers market, prizes for crops and livestock, discussions, exhibits, and traditional dance, music, and demonstrations. 

The next event happens in 2024, and there will be no Oide Wiesn that year. 

Where to Stay for Oide Wiesn

Accommodation can be booked months in advance, but don’t worry, there are always last-minute rooms. I always suggest staying in the 25hours for a lavish experience, the Living Hotels for a sustainable experience, or a hostel for budget-ish (nothing is budget during Oktoberfest) accommodation. I’ve stayed in all those locations during stay-cations while living in Munich or during my time traveling to Munich. But feel free to find a place that aligns with your taste and budget and still has rooms.


Oide Wiesn Beer Tents

There are three tents in the Oide Wiesn – including a newly rebranded one as of 2022!

Festzelt Tradition

Oh, my heart belongs in the traditional festival tent. It is my favorite tent in all of Oktoberfest. The largest of the three in the Oide Wiesn, I have almost always been able to find a seat when arriving early enough. At the center of the tent is a raised wooden stage. At this stage, patrons like yourself are welcome to try dancing to Bavarian music in full Tracht. While at other Oktoberfest tents, people may get up on the benches at their table to dance and sing, but at the traditional tent – you are expected to take center stage to enjoy the music. Don’t be alarmed when a group of professional dancers takes over the stage for a choreographed and scheduled performance – or if suddenly you are sharing your table with a man cracking a whip and slapping his thighs – they are just performing the Bavarian Schuhplattler! 

Oide Wiesn Festzelt Tradition tent historic Oktoberfest in Munich

While these dances and shows make the tent so special, I enjoy drinking an Augustiner Märzen Bier tapped from a wooden keg and served in an authentic ceramic maß. There is just something about the Augustiner beer in the Festzelt Tradition that hits differently.

Märzen beer is what was traditionally brewed and served at the first Oktoberfest. However, as the event became more commercial and international, the hosts realized that most people could not drink many liters of Märzen – it is stronger and thicker. So, they created a light-easy drinking beer to ensure most people could keep drinking and paying for those drinks. It was a way to make more money and prevent people from over-drinking. With that said, the Märzen served at the Oide Wiesn is stronger, so proceed with caution. I can typically drink 4-5 liters of the lighter beer and only about 2 of the Märzen.

  • Beer: Augustiner Märzen served from a wooden cask
  • Cost: 13.20 euros (2022 price – likely increased for 2023).
  • Seating Capacity: 5,014 (inside) 3,212 (outside)
  • Food: Traditional German cuisine, vegetarian and vegan options
  • Highlight: Traditional dancing and a central stage  
  • Music: Traditional music by Wolfgang Grünbauer’s Münchner
  • Reservations: Make them online to secure a table, but you can always walk up and see if they have room!

Festzelt Tradition beer tent


The Heartattack tent is lit, ya’all. Yes, the name of this tent translates to heart attack. This tent heavily focuses on live music, throwing everything I said about traditions out the window. This tent sometimes feels like a bar or a club, with rambunctious live music taking center stage. Some of Bavaria’s hottest music groups, ranging from pop, folk, cabaret, or traditional bands, will perform. 

Herzkasperl-Festzelt Oide Wiesn beer tent

When you enter, you’ll notice the entire tent is set up to focus on the performance stage. Four music sessions happen daily: two headliners or bands alongside two traditional brass bands. Of course, you can still get traditional food, maß of beer, and plenty of Oktoberfest vibes.

  • Beer: Hacker-Pschorr served from a wooden cask
  • Cost: 13.40 euros (2022 prices, likely increased)
  • Seating Capacity: 1,748 (inside) and 1,096 (outside)
  • Food: Lots of amazing vegan options!
  • Highlight: Live music and bands in an intimate atmosphere 
  • Music: Changes daily
  • Reservations: Make them online to secure a table, but you can always walk up and see if they have room!

New for 2022! Schützenlisl

I haven’t been to the Schützenlisl – because they were brand new last year – I can’t wait to check them out when I return in 2023. This tent space was formerly known as Zur Schönheitskönigen. The old tent was known for its live music and traditional sing-along Oktoberfest songs. I’m not sure how the new tent will differ, but it is supposed to be a new folk singer tent based on press releases. Every time I’ve entered this tent, it is full of older Bavarians having the time of their lives singing along with the band. The atmosphere will be similar, but the music might be more modern. We will have to see how the opening day goes!

Zur Schonheitkonigin Oide Wiesn Oktoberfest

  • Beer: Augustiner from a wooden cask
  • Cost: 13.20 euros (2022 prices, likely increased for 2023)
  • Seating Capacity: 1,380 (inside) and 400 (outside)
  • Food: Traditional cuisine
  • Highlight: Live folk music 
  • Music: Changes daily
  • Reservations: Make them online to secure a table, but you can always walk up and see if they have room!

Things to Do at the Oide Wiesn

Explore the Museum Tent

The museum tent is quirky and fun. Covering the walls are over a hundred vintage posters showing the art and style of advertisements for past events. There are historical displays featuring memorabilia, such as a vintage sausage grill. Don’t worry; you can get beer here as well. You might need liquid courage as you or your kids try silly games and attractions like riding a penny-farthing or bikes with oblong wheels. 

Museumzelt Oide Wiesn

The special exhibit for 2022 is “New Ghosts Have Arrived,” and features a behind-the-scenes look at ghost trains.

Grab a Beer in a Traditional Stein

I told you the beer here hits differently. Whether it is the slightly stronger and darker traditional brew first served at Oktoberfest or the fact that it comes in an authentic ceramic stein – you haven’t been to Oktoberfest until you’ve had a beer from the Oide Wiesn. 

Eat Vegetarian Food

As a vegetarian, I’m never out of options at Oktoberfest. However, I love that all three tents have a delightful vegan and vegetarian menu, with Herzkasperl-Festzelt having one of the largest veggie menus at Oktoberfest. 

vegetarin bavarian cuisine

Dance on Stage

Put your shyness aside and take center stage. I’m a terrible dancer, but I love getting up on the stage at Festzelt Tradition and giving my Dirndl a whirl. It is very relaxed and beginner-friendly, so dance like no one is watching and have a great time!

Traditional Bavarian Dancing at Festzelt Tradition Oide Wiesn Oktoberfest

Play Kegelbahn!

I love this vintage Bavarian game, which closely resembles modern-day bowling. The Kegelbahn is just outside the museum tent, featuring fewer pins and smaller balls than bowling. The lanes are designed with historical accuracy, including a rope pulley system. Adults can pay 2.50 euros to throw three balls. The bowling is accessible for kids and wheelchair users.  My favorite part might be the classic saloon-style bar serving Weißbier.

Kegelbahn Oktoberfest Oide Wiesn

Showcase Your Music Skills

Step up to the cabaret stage if you have musical talent but forgot your instrument at home. At this stage, near the Kegelbahn, you can pick up any of the instruments available and play to your heart’s content. 

Oide Wiesn Kegelbahn

Watch Historical Films

Outside the museum tent is an area where you can watch historical films about Oktoberfest. Nearby, you can also enjoy some classical organ festival music, which may or may not be a treat :-P.  

Ride 1.50 Euro Rides

Since you paid to get in, all rides are only 1.50 euro. The rides are no-frills classic rides from your childhood. You’ll have plenty of time to feel nostalgia as you make yourself sick, spinning in circles. 

Oide Wiesn 1 euro carnival rides

Watch the Marionette Theater

Munich’s most famous puppet theater travels to the Oide Wien annually to perform several daily shows. The shows are free, and there is diversity so that you can see different shows throughout the day. 

View Classic Cars

If old tractors and cars are your things, don’t miss the classic car and tractor display. Every now and then, you will catch someone starting up an old car to remind us why we have environmental laws regulating the auto industry. 

Classic cars Oide Wiesn

Take a Guided Tour

If you want a local to show you around the Oide Wisen so you don’t miss any of the great things to do, then book a tour with Munich’s tourism board. 

Discuss and Share

I hope you enjoyed learning about Munich’s Oide Wiesn or the Historic and Old Oktoberfest at the Oktoberfest grounds. Enjoy stepping back in time to drink refreshing classic beer, ride the carnival rides from your childhood, and learn all about Bavarian traditions and the cultural significance of Oktoberfest. This guide to Oide Wiesn has everything you need to enjoy an authentic cultural experience, so you can visit all the tents, ride all the rides, and enjoy the real Oktoberfest beer. 

Who is going to Oktoberfest this year and plans to visit the Oide Wiesn? Let me know in the comments!

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