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Munich is known for their beer, but if you came here only looking for traditional Bavarian beer, you’re seriously missing out! I know, what I just said is a crime against Munich, but trust me, if you dig a bit deeper past the touristy spots and the major six breweries, you’ll find a thriving, exciting nightlife and party scene in Munich. The nightlife and bar scene is easy to miss, and often the streets seem dead on the weekends, but hidden throughout the city are some fantastic bars and nightclubs, you don’t want to miss. As a self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur and nightclub expert, who has lived in Munich for two years, I’ll be your insider guide. Whether you’re a tourist passing through looking for a good time or a Munich local wondering where all the best nightlife spots and events are, I got you covered. This guide takes you beyond  beer and will lead you to rooftop bars for creative craft cocktails, unique microbreweries for Bavaria’s craft beer, local distilleries and spirits, the best dive bars, annual events and into the depths of Munich’s nightclubs to end the night. We will also cover safety tips, budget expectations, ID requirements, how to order and pay in German and what the locals drink. Fertig? Super! Eins, Zwei, g’suffa. Prost! (Ready? Super! One, two three, chug/gulp. Cheers!) My tastes are a bit more alternative and unique, so most of my guides skip over the touristy bro bars and the major breweries, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might be disappointed. :)

Nightlife in Munich – Things to Know

We have to get the boring stuff out of the way, but I promise it will help you have the best night out as possible. You’ll look like a pro ordering your drink in German and bossing you local cultural knowledge!

Culture and Drinking Traditions

Munich Augustiner beer Oktoberfest horse carriages

Germans and Bavarians, especially, take their drinking very seriously. Now, this doesn’t mean get hammered, puke all over your travel buddies and go balls to the wall, this means drinking enough to have a great time, but usually doing so responsibly. You can always spot the tourist as they stumble out of the beer halls and end up in the back of a police car or the guy that was puking outside my window on my neighbor’s car a few weeks ago. So, try and hang with the professionals and keep yourself in check. Germans are generally in good spirits when drinking, it is important to keep your fists down and bring your comradery.
When someone cheers you, either with a beer or cocktail, it is custom to make eye contact with each person you cheers and say “Prost,” which means cheers.
Drinks tend to be quite strong in Germany, assuming most adults can handle their liquor, so be ready for strong drinks from stark beer to mostly gin in your gin and tonic.

Local alcoholic drinks in Munich & Germany

Beer: Duh, right? The beer in Munich requires a post of its own, but for the basics, there are 6 major breweries in Munich. Most bars or restaurants will be selling one of these six types of beers, so if you have a favorite just look for the sign at the door. I am actually not a fan of local German beer. Gasp, I know! But there are also some great microbreweries and alternatives to the big 6 popping up in Munich, such as Giesinger, that we will go over later.
Tegernsee Beer Munich's best local beers.

Drink Mixing: It is common to cut your beer, juice or wine with something, such as lemonade, water, or a cola-like drink. Radler- is beer and lemonade mix. A Diesel or Cola-Weizen is a beer and cola like drink. Wineschorle- is a wine typically mixed with mineral water, but you can also try juice or lemonade. There is no end to the creative mixing options, so feel free to try something different! This is often times how Germans can party so long, they make their drinks strong and then cut them in half. Makes sense, right?

Spirits: Germany is known for the Jäger, but they also have some great gins and whiskeys, made locally. Try “The Duke” gin, “SLYRS Whiskey”, and “Monaco” vodka.

Liqeurs: Can’t leave Germany without trying schnapps. It is usually a fruit brandy and can be drunk as a quick shot or something to sip on after dinner.

Glühwein: You’ll usually only see this drink during the winter months, but it is very similar to a mulled wine. Make it a Feuerzangenbowle and light your drink on fire with 100 proof booze for a great time.

Glühwein Munich Christmas Markets

How to order a drink in German

Ordering a drink at the bar in Germany is pretty easy. In most cases, you can lose all formalities and simply say the number, followed by the drink you want, followed by Bitte (bit-uh). So, for beer, you would say Ein (one) Bier (beer), Bitte (please).
If you want to practice more in-depth German the entire phrase for ordering is “Ich hätte (hat-eh) gerne (gern-eh) ein Bier, bitte.” This translates to I would like to have one beer, please. You can exchange bier for wein (wine) or whatever you see on the menu.

To Pay You can simply say Bezhalen (beh tse all en), bitte. – pay please.

Tipping/Check Splitting

Tipping is not necessary in Munich, but if you want to do so, it is appropriate and you round up or leave the change. I always tip at a fancy restaurant. It is just fine to split checks, just ask your server or bartender. However, whoever pays last is responsible for the entire bill, so make sure you get your order right!

Cash or Credit

While it is becoming more common for places in Munich to take credit or debit card, often time you’ll need a local card called an EC card, which you get with a German bank, or Cash. Cash is called Bar in Germany, so someone may say you must pay with bar. Always carry cash on you to make paying easier and less confusing.


Shocked at the price of your beer? There might be what is called a Pfand attached to your total. This applies almost anywhere you can walk away with glassware or outdoor events. It is a price that if you return the glassware you will get money back. If you “forget” to return the glass you essentially already paid for it. The Pfand is usually around 2 Euro, but can get up to 5-10 Euro for expensive or unique glassware. You might get a token you need to return with the glass, and other times the glass is the Pfand. Look for the Pfand sign near where you ordered your beverage to return your glass. Don’t get in the order line again or you’ll get shouted at!

Budget and Cost of alcohol in Munich

Euros for nightlife budgeting in Munich, Germany.

Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, so be prepared to cough up a bit of dough for your night out. If you’re on a tight budget, stop by a kiosk and buy beers for the road. Most beers in restaurants are about 3-5 Euros. If you get them in a beer garden or Oktoberfest they can get up to 10 Euro with a Pfand. Wine is about the same price, with local wines on the cheaper end. Craft cocktails can get up to 9-10 Euro for one drink. A gin and tonic will set you back about 5-6 Euro. Believe it or not, water might be the most expensive thing you buy, as a bottle can cost you 8 Euro. If you like to stay hydrated, like me, bring a small bottle in your purse to save money.

Dress Code for Munich’s Nightlife

Munich is a pretty laid back city, but it is a wealthy and clean city. Unlike many other German cities, which tend to have an alternative fashion scene, Munich locals tend to dress smartly. If you want to fit in wear smart casual with dark colors. If you wear large heels and revealing attire, I say go for it, but be prepared for stares. Munich is fairly conservative and even younger girls tend to wear dark tights with shorter outfits and minimal heel.

Tips and Safety for Partying Munich

General Safety

Munich is a very safe city, I once left my bike out in front of my house for an entire month while traveling Australia. It’s also a watch eye city. Most of the citizens are on constant watch for everything from Jaywalking to shoplifting. Additionally, it is often quite safe as a female. Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. Now, that is not to say that aren’t pockets and areas that are a bit sketchy or you should not take caution with your valuables. Always exercise caution! You may want to avoid bars and clubs around the Hauptbahnhof as they have a higher risk of scam and are often gambling halls and strip clubs, but if that’s your jam- go for it.

The local police number is 110 and medical is 112 . Don’t expect your police to speak English as often times their English is limited or non-existent, but they will know how to find someone to help translate if they can’t. Most doctors, who have higher education can speak a decent level of English.

ID Requirements

If you look older than 12 you’re probably on the safe side at a bar, however, it is always good to have your ID on your at all times in case of emergency. If you buy tickets to a ticketed event you will need ID and often nightclubs do ID.

Munich Business Hours

Most nightclubs and bars open late. Some bars don’t open until 8 pm or 9 pm with nightclubs not kicking off until 1 am. Plan for a late night out. Often bars are closed on Sunday or Monday, so always check hours if you’re in town on those two days.

Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Munich

Most people don’t come to Munich for their cocktails, but there are quite a few places that serve tasty cocktails ranging from classic to “only in Munich.”

Flushing Meadows

I’ll start with my favorite and arguably the best spot in town. Sitting atop a boutique hotel, this cozy spot has a deck for summer seating and a chic interior for cold winters. Their feature cocktails change regularly, and they typically feature local liquors, Bavarian names, and themes. I love ordering from their rotating menu as the presentation of each drink is creative and unique. They use paper straws, so they get extra love from me! It’s a bit hard to find, but head to the elevator at Flushing Meadows hotel and ride to the top floor.

Mon-Sun: 7pm – 2am
Fraunhoferstraße 32

Flushing Meadows craft cocktail from Munich, Germany

Zephyr Bar

The Zephyr Bar is the place to go if funky and flashy garnishes are your thing. Not only will you find creative drink combinations from the Panama Papers to Turtle Toe, but the garnishes and presentation are almost as big as the drinks themselves. Enjoy a lively night with a younger crowd trying all new types of drinks.

Sun-Thur: 8pm-1am Fri-Sat: 8pm-3am
Baaderstraße 68, 80469 München

Bar Gabanyi


Another one of my favorite cocktail bars located on a sleepy street in the basement of a grand building. Bar Gabanyi is dimly lit and moody with a piano in the corner with occasional live music to accompany cocktails. Their huge menu and world-class mixologists will make lovers of whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka all happy. I love ordering the Akira made with Japanese whiskey. Along with drinks they serve some flight fare, and everything comes with free popcorn(

Beethovenpl. 2, 80336 München

Closed Mon-Tue


Located in the former bones of a cozy old Munich house, the atmosphere of Barroom in Munich is one of the best parts of this cocktail bar. They focus on rum cocktails and feature your favorite rums from S. America to Oceania. Don’t worry, if you’re not the biggest of rum, like me, they have lots of other options to get you drunk! If you try one of their cocktails and fall in love, they even offer cocktail courses, so you can learn to make your own. These which make a great gift for someone living in Munich or group event.

Sun-Thur: 8pm-1am Fri-Sat: 8pm-2am
Milchstraße 17, 81667 München

Flushing Meadows, best spot for craft cocktail from Munich

Jaded Money

Another one of my top picks. This place feels like it belongs in the Melbourne cocktail scene. Get your liquid nitrogen fix with their over the top cocktails served in a variety of fun ways. Jaded Monkey focuses on the experience and the drinks are hand delivered by a mixologist who put their creation together on the spot. I enjoy Johnnie’s Tea or the Poison Monkey for when I am feeling crazy. Be prepared to spend a bit of money and wait a bit for your drinks, most of their cocktails take a while to make and cost between 12-16 Euros, but they use quality liquor and have a great presentation. It is well worth it; trust me.

Tue-Sat: 8pm-3am Sun – closed Mon:8pm-1am
Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 25, 80331 München

Boilerman Bar

Located in the swanky 25Hours The Royal Bavarian, the Boilerman Bar stands alone as a great cocktail bar. With rich colors, velvet chairs and gold pineapple lighting fixtures, this oozes hipster vibes. They focus on Highball cocktails, and in fact, I think it is all that is on the menu. Try the highball of the day or stick with a classic scotch and soda.

Most days 7pm-1am, open late on weekends
Bahnhofplatz 1, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, 80335 München

Boilerman Bar Munich Germany 25Hours Hotel


Auroom in Munich is so popular that they have reserved seats for their loyal regular customer base, so don’t be offended if a bartender asks you to move from a specific place in the bar. (Hint: It’s the two or three bar stools to the far left of the bar.) Aside from that, they do a fantastic job making all their drinks. They don’t have over-the-top garnish or presentation, but they do the classics well. Make sure you get a whiskey drink on the rocks and prepare to be amazed as they use their spherical ice maker to instantly freeze purified water for the most beautiful ice sphere you’ve ever seen.

Sun-Thur: 6pm-12am Sat-Sun: 6pm-2am
Hans-Sachs-Straße 20, 80469 München

Auroom Bar in Munich. Munich's best cocktail bars.

Negroni American Bar

This classy establishment not only shakes up fantastic cocktails but also serves up some tasty food, so it’s a great place to grab dinner and pair it with your favorite classic. Paying homage to their namesake this place serves up seven types of Negroni. Which one will be your favorite? Dare you try them all? It is a large and spacious location with the traditional dark wood and leather of an American craft bar. If you want to eat at a certain time a reservation is encouraged.
Fun Fact: Cocktail was first defined in the United States in New York. So, the modern day cocktail as you think of it with bitters, liquor, sugar, and a mixer are American. Therefore, if you’re traveling – especially in Europe and you see “American Bar” in the name, you’re chances of finding a good cocktail bar are pretty high. Just make sure you don’t see the word “sports” anywhere in there ;)
Most days 16:00-02:00
Sedanstraße 9, 81667 München

Boulevardier Bar

Another American style craft cocktail bar with dark wood and spacious room. Boulevardier bar loves their Campari, and most of their art focuses on this ingredient. If you’re celebrating an event as a local or just passing through, they have a back room where you can rent a bartender for your entire party! How fun does that sound? Come early to eat dinner as their menu is almost as tasty as their drinks.

Open at 7 pm closed on Sunday
Kellerstraße 32, 81667 München

Paulaner Spezi cocktail from Flushing Meadows cocktail bar in Munich

The High

This place is a peek hipster bar in Munich. The alcohol on their shelves fights for space with sprawling plants and brushed copper bracing. It attracts a younger, hip crowd, and they’ll whip up anything from your classic Dark and Stormy to more elaborate drinks with coffee and bourbon.

Most days 8pm-1am Sun: Closed
Blumenstraße 15, 80331 München

Beer in Munich

I have an entire guide dedicated to everythingrelated to beer in Munich, from the history, major breweries, beer-day trips, brewery tours, and all the great beer you’ll find in Munich, head over to my full guide to plan the perfect beer holiday in Munich.

Craft and Microbreweries

I talked about this in my intro, but I’ll beat the dead horse, Munich’s traditional beer isn’t that great. With old purity laws preventing the rise of craft and microbrews, there wasn’t much variety to the beer in Munich, until now that is. In this day and age, some beer-loving Germans have made a bold decision to step away from traditional, and some fantastic Bavarian and Munich microbreweries were born. P.S. If you’re here for the Hofbraühaus you can find it at Platzl 9, 80331 München as you exit my page and enjoy your touristy time in Munich – not judging – I promise.

Munich best microbreweries and craft beers

Giesinger Bräu

This place cracks me up in a good way. They take their beer as serious, if not more so than some traditional breweries, but they let their creative juices flow. This resulted in serious German beer, but with a variety of flavors, colors, and hops. They’re a bit pretentious about their beer, and they have every right to be. What started in a garage is still made by hand and only shipped locally around the Bavarian area, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this popular beer outside of Munich, so make sure to stop by and try something light and refreshing like the Lemondrop with 7.5% alcohol, their seasonal brews or a new twist on a traditional Helles. They brew on location and have tasty food too, so bring your appetite and curiosity.

Hours vary. Open most days by 11 am.
Martin-Luther-Straße 2, 81539 München

Giesinger beer Munich microbrewery hipster

CREW Republic

I have a soft spot for these guys. Their mission is basically, “we do what we want, how we want and if you don’t like it then you can fuck off.” That’s something I can stand by. It started in the very neighborhood I live in. Everyone from their landlord to their family tried to talk them out of what they were doing because they were doing something different. Lucky for us this something different eventually revolutionized German beer. These guys love their ales, so make sure you stop by their location and order up their German Pale Ale, or go bold with one of their experimental brews. I love the style of their brewery, and it screams hipster with open spaces and unfinished wood; you can even take a peek at their brewing process on site.

Hours are limited and change often Google maps is usually up to date for them.
Andreas-Danzer-Weg 30, 85716 Unterschleißheim

Hanscraft & Co.

While not technically located in Munich, they still brew in Bavaria, and you can find their beer at certain restaurants and craft brew stores. They have a wide range of craft beers from summer ales to imperial stouts, each one unique but true to their mission of quality ingredients and unique flavors. If you find yourself in Niedernberg, make sure to stop by their brewery, if not keep a look out for their beers in Munich.

Nordring 53-55, 63843 Niedernberg

Munich's best craft beer and microbreweries


A curious place in Munich. They opened on the 850th birthday of beer culture in Munich, and they aimed to bring back basement brewing in this historic city. They can’t sell beer, but they can do tastings and tasting they do. Stop by the neighborhood of Neuhausen in Munich to experience this unique beer. My favorite thing about this place might not be just the beer, but they also have bee colonies (which sadly didn’t make it one winter, but they were bringing them back in 2018) on site and do beer cycling tours of Munich with a local beer connoisseur.

Their contact and hours are hard to pin down, but you can email them at:
Richelstraße 26, 80634 München

Munich's best microbreweries

Bavarian & Munich Distilleries and Spirits

If you go to any bar in Munich, you’ll often find plenty of local options for your mixed drink. This wasn’t always the case, as the cocktail scene is relatively new in Munich. The demand and interest now have the local distiller industry booming resulting in fresh gins, whiskeys and even rum named after Munich’s own Isar river.

Munich Distillers

Munich Distillers are leading the scene of local spirits with Gin, Vodka and that German rum I was talking about earlier! How cool is that? Not only can you spot these tasty liquors on the shelves, but you can stop by their bar, the Distillers Bar and try cocktails made with their own spirits. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend who lives in Munich or wants something fun to do as a local, check out their very own tastings and cocktail classes. The website is all in German, but Google translate might help you, if not shoot them an email, they do speak English and have very friendly staff.

Sun-Thur: 7pm-1am Fri-Sat: 7pm-3am
Occamstraße 2, 80802 München

Munich Distilelrs local Munich spirits and best bars.

The Duke Gin

Germany makes some amazing Gins, and Munich’s own “The Duke started the boom.” Other spirits dominated the market, and Munich wasn’t really into gin. The Duke was distilled by two students who had a dream to bring craft cocktail and spirits to Bavarian. They succeeded, and the cocktail scene in Munich is often attributed to the rise of 50s style drinks and their gin. This bio gin is made from local ingredients and is a dry – flavorful gin. Stop by their distillery for a tour or keep an eye out for it on the shelf at the local bar and ask for it by name!

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
Feldkirchner Str. 1, 85609 Aschheim bei München

SLYRS Whiskey

This small locally owned distillery is just south of Munich in the sleepy Alpine town of Schliersee, but don’t let the location fool you, this is world class whiskey and can hold its own. With crystal clear Alpine water and the perfect temperatures for maturing whiskey, this is a top contender in the world of whiskeys. Take a day tip out to their cafe for lunch in the beautiful Alps, or keep an eye out for it at your local bar.

Mon-Sun: 10am-6pm
Bayrischzeller Str. 13, 83727 Schliersee

Find the best sazarac cocktail in Munich, Germany

Kymsee Single Malt

Another beautiful distillery outside of Munich, this one nestled near Chiemsee Lake in the Alps. This single malt distillery uses local malt from their neighbors to craft something truly Bavarian. It is small and locally owned, so you know the quality and care put into distilling their product is top of the line. Take a day trip out to Chiemsee, tour their distillery then get your drink on at their bar.

Most days from 5pm-10pm with tasting and tours starting later around 7 pm.
Address: Gewerbestraße 1A, 83355 Grabenstätt

Munich's finest spirits Kymsee whiskey

Bavarian Moonshine

Bavarian Moonshine will give you goosebumps! I know most moonshines already do that, but this is woo… haha. Inspired by traditional moonshine in the United States, featuring Apple Pie moonshine, they put a Bavarian twist on this classic. Sourced locally with fresh ingredients it gives American moonshine a run for its money. Try it for yourself at Munich’s The Potting Shed on Occamstraße 11.

Bavarian Moonshine from Munich's Finest Spirits Event. Best spirits in Munich.

Best Bars and Dive Bars in Munich

If fancy cocktails, craft beers, and single malt whiskeys aren’t your thing and you just came here to get drunk, I feel you. This next section is for you. Munich has more bars than you can drink your way through, but I’ve highlighted some of my favorite bars and dive bars in Munich for cheap, strong drinks and a wild night out.

Munich's best nightlife and bars.

Couch Club

Couch Club in Munich is one of the best bars for a cozy night out with top-shelf gins. This would be a great place to try The Duke Gin. It is filled with – you guessed it- couches. There are some funky decor and a room for table fußball. This place can get quite crowded on weekends, but you can always reserve a spot if you’re dying to check it out.

Tue-Thur: 7pm-1am Fri-Sat: 7pm-3am Sun/Mon: Closed
Klenzestraße 89, 80469 München

Robinsons Bar

It’s a small watering hole with some funky- bordering on trashy decor, but their cocktails are good, and they know what they’re doing. You can get quality cocktails made, or you can go for the budget gin and tonic route, but they have something for everyone. Put your party pants on because this place gets a bit rowdier than your traditional cocktail bar and is open to the wee hours of the morning. If you bring a to-go cup, they can even make you a cocktail to go, and you can hang out in nearby Gartnerplatz in the summer.

Most days at least 5pm-3am, weekends until 4 or 5 am
Corneliusstraße 14, 80469 München

Robinson's NYC Munich Cocktail Bar

Holy Home

Just about everything in this bar is cheap from the drinks to the ambiance. It has a gothic church feel to it, without being too grotesque. It’s a great dive bar to hang out with a young crowd and get drunk. There’s lots of space so you should be just fine walking in and partying. Holy Home is in my favorite area of Munich, Gartnerplatz. As mentioned above in the summer you’ll find lots of people hanging out and enjoying the long days of summer with drinks and music.

Sun-Wed: 6pm-1am Thur-Sat: 6pm-3am
Reichenbachstraße 21, 80469 München

Schall & Rauch

The first bar I ever went to in Munich – literally the day I landed I was invited here by some friends. It’s near the university and is a popular student hang out, which means cheap, strong drinks and good vibes. You’re sure to make friends with locals and other expats alike. It’s open early, and they make food, so you can always stop by to cure your hangover the next day.

Schellingstraße 22, 80799 München

Munich's best cocktail bars. Green cocktail

Sehnsucht Bar

This bar is divey enough to remind me of Alaska, and that is saying a lot. Their bar signs are made from cardboard scraps, there are bikes hooked on the wall, and a whole lot of women’s bras are hanging from the ceiling. Come here for cheap drinks and a strange experience you can only have in Munich.

Tue-Thur: 6pm-2am Fri-Sat: 6pm-3am Sun-Mon: Closed
Amalienstraße 26, 80333 München

Café Kosmos

A dive bar for hipsters. With unfinished wood and strange art, it has a cool vibe, but you’ll find a casual crowd and cheap drinks. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but you’ll find a good time waiting for you once inside.

Sun-Thur: 12pm-1am Fri-Sat: 12pm-3am
Dachauer Str. 7, 80335 München

Dive Bar

How can you trust a bar with the name Dive Bar? I know it seems like a trap, but this is a great little spot with a welcoming atmosphere and competent staff. You’ll get better than a cheap gin and tonic, but it’s not pretentious. I like to think if this place as a stepping stone from a bar to a cocktail bar. You’ll feel right at home with a good drink in hand.

Tue-Sun: 6pm-2am Sun-Mon: Closed
Reichenbachstraße 19, 80469 München

Best bars in Munich


This place was a running joke among my friends. A former Munich expat who I am friends with raved about this place, yet every time I walked by I secretly judged him, as it looked below my standards. I finally caved and decided to see what all the fuss was about and had a great night at Barschwein. This is a true testament to try things before hating on them. The downstairs is a lively bar where a young crowd hangs out. Upstairs you’ll find a full-blown dance floor with an energetic crowd. It’s in a great part of Munich too with lots of late night munchies and an Ubahn stop.

Mon-Sat: 6pm-3am Sun: Closed
Franzstraße 3, 80802 München

Keg Bar

I tried to avoid putting expat bars on my list, but this one happened to make the cut. It’s a great local watering hole where you can fit right in with people from around the world. They play sports on TV, have pub food and friendly staff. It is large, and there’s plenty of room to get your party on. They also serve CREW Beer that I was talking about earlier.

Mon-Sat: 6pm-1am Sun: 1pm-1am
Trautenwolfstraße 1, 80802 München

Best Places for Wine in Munich

German wine is often overlooked and masked by the beer industry, but Germany and Austria have some excellent wines if you know what you’re looking for. Going to wine bars in Munich can make or break your wine experience. If you go to any old place and order the table wine, you might be disappointed. That’s why I picked out these best spots for wine in Munich that will delight your pallet, and you’re sure to find a new favorite wine.

The best wine spots in Munich, Germany.

Weinhaus Neuner

The oldest wine house in Munich, this is a must experience for any wine lover. It’s a traditional Bavarian restaurant with an extensive list of local wine from Germany and Austria, along with fantastic wines from the EU. The staff will help you pair the perfect local wine with your meal.

Mon-Sun: 12pm-12am
Address: Herzogspitalstraße 8, 80331 München

Best spots for wine in Munich, Germany.

GRAPES Weinbar

Located in the swanky hotel Cortiina downtown, this wine bar does not disappoint. They have a great selection of wines and professional staff. One of my favorite things about this place is they have what is called a wine marker night. On these nights you can participate in a regional tasting and learn about the winemakers as you taste.

Various lunch and dinner times
Cortiino hotel Ledererstraße 8a, 80331 München

Aquitaine Vinotheque

If you’re craving fine French wine, despite being in Munich, you’ll want to head to Aquitaine. It is mostly a wine shop so that you can stock up for your hotel, but they also do tastings and have a lovely space to try wines and have some snacks.

Mon-Fri: 3pm-9pm Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: Closed
Address: Theresienstraße 19, 80333 München

Wine corks. The best places to drink wine in Munich, Germany.

Vintage Selection

This charming spot is intimate, but well designed with just the right amount of fantastic wines to try. With brick walls, this almost feels like a traditional wine cellar. The staff are friendly and will help you find the perfect wine to taste.

Mon-Sat: 3pm-10pm Sun: Closed
Westermühlstraße 39, 80469 München

The Best (underground) Nightclubs in Munich

You should know by now I’m not going to give you the touristy and basic top 40 clubs in Munich, but instead, we will dance the night away at Munich’s best nightclubs for underground music and a unique scene. While Munich can’t rival Berlin, I will say the great thing about Munich; everyone is welcome – looking at you Berghain. The scene here is intimate and friendly, and you will have a great night out partying into the next day.

Munich's best underground nightclubs


Standing for Mixed Munich Arts this space serves as a nightclub on Friday and Saturday and doubles as a venue for seasonal and artistic events that happen in Munich. Possibly the largest in Munich, you get that grungy industrial vibe as you dance the night away to Germanys top DJs and traveling acts.

*This club is scheduled to close in May, but there is a mission to save it. I’ll try and keep you updated on if it stays open or closes.

Mon-Sat: 3pm-10pm Sun: Closed
Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8A, 80333 München

Harry Klein

One of the better-rated clubs in Munich Harry Klein is well designed with an upstairs and downstairs area and a great dancefloor. Their resident DJs feature a diverse lineup, including three women and great local techno. My favorite thing about HK, is every April they only house all female DJs and turn into Marry Klein. Now, that is pretty cool!

Wed-Sat: Doors at 11 pm
Address: Sonnenstraße 8, 80331 München

Bob Beaman

A place that is all about the good times with good friends and dancing until the next day. With a fantastic sound system, Bob Beaman is small and intimate but packs a punch in the Munich nightlife scene. They resident DJs keep the vibe going with the best German techno and underground music.

Mon-Sat: 3pm-10pm Sun: Closed
Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8A, 80333 München

Munich's best nightclubs.


Munich’s newest club just might become my favorite after spending NYE/NYD there. Located inside the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest science and technology museum, the design and sound are fitting to be part of this prestigious museum. With bamboo walls and state-of-the-art speakers, this place is optimized for sound and has the best sound system in Munich. The bartenders at both bars are friendly and great to chat with while they made drinks. Additionally, you have to turn your phone in, and they put stickers on your camera, and phones are only allowed in a certain area. It’s a great experience!

Fri-Sat: 11pm-8am
Address: Museumsinsel 1, Access via Ludwigsbrücke, 80538 München

Blitz Club in Munich Germany. Best places for nightlife.


Located in the heart of the LBGTQI district this is a gay and all-inclusive nightclub with fantastic music and a great crowd. Erotic art hangs from the ceiling as DJs crank out dirty beats. The layout is a bit awkward, so if you don’t like tight dancefloors it might not be for you, but if the closer, the better, this is the place for you! Best part it is open every day of the week, so if you’re in Munich on a Tuesday and want to get turnt up, you have somewhere to go!

Nightly: 10pm-6am
Müllerstraße 56, 80469 München

Mainstream Clubs

Ok, I’ll cave and give you a few pointers if you’re looking for something more top 40 mainstream. Head over Heart Restaurant and Club or Film Casino if you want to dress up, pop bottles and be basic!

Munich’s Annual Drinking Events

Munich has some fantastic events from whiskey expos to wine tastings. I’ve found that as a local, or a traveler it is hard to know what is happening in Munich and when, due to the language barrier and difficulty finding events, but don’t worry I’ve selected some of the best annual events, so you can get your tickets and get ready to party. You can always check out the posters around town to see if anything piques your interest while you’re in town.

Finest Spirits Munich

Taking place every January toward the end of the month, this is a great way to warm up and beat the winter blues. Located in the charming MVG museum, you can explore 100s of exhibits and drink from thousands of spirits, local and international. It’s pretty reasonable, as you get a few tickets upon entry and can use them for various tastings. You can even take your souvenir glass home! The website is in German, but I trust you can navigate the ticketing system!

End of January
Ständlerstraße 20, 81549 München
Get Your Tickets, here!
Munich's finest spirits. Local best spirits from Bavaria, Germany.

Braukunst Live!

If you just came to Munich for the beer, you’ll love the Braukunst Live! This beer expo features 30 local Bavarian breweries and about 100 international exhibits from 14 different countries. If you’re in Munich in early February, don’t miss one of Europe’s best beer events in Europes best city for beer!

Beginning of February
Ständlerstraße 20, 81549 München
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Munich's craft breweries. Find the alternative sports for beer in Munich.

Tollwood Summer Festival

You can get double the Tollwood fun in both summer and winter Tollwood, but the summer event focuses less on the Christmas market aspect and more on the party. With big-name headline musicians, this event spans over two weeks and has food, bars, food stands and lots of fun merchandise and crafts. Oh yeah, and booze did I mention the bars?

End of June – Begining of July
Olympia park

Traditional Beer Events

Munich has plenty of Traditional Beer Events including Oktoberfest, Frühlingsfest and Starkbier fest just to name a few.

Oktoberfest: If you’re an introvert, such as myself then don’t miss my Oktoberfest for Introvert’s guide. I have more guides coming soon.

Munich Oktoberfest drinking

Not here during Oktoberfest? Never fear, there’s a lot of fests for you to consider. Starkbierfest: No matter how hard I try I black out at this fest and end up in my bed wondering how one liter of beer did me in. Well, this beer is a strong beer. It’s dark and was made by monks who didn’t want to suffer through lent sober. I mean, who does? It takes place every March at Paulaner and is not for the faint of heart. It is an indoor event and much smaller than other fests.

Frühlingsfest: The sister of Oktoberfest, it takes place in the same location and celebrates spring. You can expect to find beer tents, traditional clothing and lots of merry-making locals and some tourists.

Kocherlball: This event has a unique history. It started as a way for poor working class people to enjoy a dance party, held on Sundays in summer. At 5 am the working servants could leave their masters- who would often still be asleep and enjoy a party of their own. This tradition was well revived, and now in the middle of July (usually the weekend around the 15th), you can start partying in Munich’s Englishergarten at the Chinese Tower in the wee hours of the morning.

Wine Festival in Munich

Every year around the middle of July a wine fest takes place at the center of Munich. Wines from all over the Franconia wine region are brought to Munich for a celebration and tasting event. There’s lots of great Bavarian street food to try as well. So bring your thirst and wallet!

Middle of July
Alter Hof near Marienplatz!
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German wine vineyard Rothenburg ob der tauber

Best Spots for Late Night Munchies

Gute Nacht Wurst

I love this place. I don’t even miss Taco Bell after a night of drinking. Serving up hot fresh German wurst until 4 am on weekends you’ll stumble home with a full belly. They serve vegan wurst as well as meat options. They also have some dangerous hot sauce and weird German late night TV. Stop here if you’re partying in the Glockenbach or Gartnerplatz area.

Klenzestraße 32, 80469 München

Munich's best late night munchies after a night out partying.

Ruffs Burger

Another late night favorite of mine, their truffle pommes are to die for. They have lots of gourmet burger options, including veggie burgers. You’ll find these bad boys all over Munich, but if you’re partying in the Schwabing area, there’s one near you.

Open until midnight on weekends
Klenzestraße 32, 80469 München

Ristorante CA`D`ORO

This place has THE BEST to go pizza by the slice I have ever had. I stumbled into it six years ago while backpacking through Munich and thought I died and went to heaven. I found it again last year, and the pizza is still just as good. Grab a to-go slice if you’re passing by the Hauptbahnhof and need something to get you home.

Open to 1 am on weekends
Bayerstraße 31, 80335 München

Alpen Imbiss

There are lots of Kebap and falafel shops around, and this one isn’t the BEST, but it’s good and a great location. Near central Munich, the staff is friendly, and it’s excellent drunk food for the trek home.

Open to 1 am on weekends
Thalkirchner Str. 2, 80337 München

If you’re looking for a great place to crash in central Munich, book a room at the 25Hours Hotel, The Royal Bavarian. It is perfect for the young-at-heart adult.

Nightlife Areas & Neighborhoods in Munich

My Munich Nightlife, bar and drinking guide is coming to an end. I hope after this you get responsibly smashed! If you don’t fancy any of my recommendations, feel free to email me or leave me a comment with what you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to help. If not, I trust I taught you well enough to go out in the world and find your favorite watering hole. These are the best areas in Munich for nightlife, and you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Glockenbach & Gartnerplatz

My stomping grounds and home turf, if you’re in the area maybe I’ll even come out and party with you. JK, don’t stalk me, creeper. This area is a mix of queer-friendly bars, nightclubs, sports bars, and craft cocktail spots. The crowd tends to be local and the right combination of younger hipsters and middle-aged partiers. It’s common to hang out Gartnerplatz in the summer, and basically, any of the streets shooting off from that Platz are going to have great bars and exciting things to see. You can see on the image that quite a few of the bars I highlighted, like Flushing Meadows, Robinson’s, Holy Home, and Auroom are in this area.

Gartnerplatz in Munich. Find the best places for nightlife and partying in Munich


This is going to be where the university students hang out. So you’ll find cheap bars, speakeasies, late night cafes with wifi and a mix of locals, uni students, and expats. Stick to the roads Theresienstrasse and Schellellingstrasse, and you’ll find Schall & Rauch, Martini Club, Don’t Call Your Mother and Sehnsucht that I mentioned above.


I would say there is where a lot of expats go out to party, but you’ll find a healthy mix of locals too. The bars here are a mix of dive and ultra classy. Stick the area around Münchner Freiheit, and you’ll find the Distillers Bar and Barschwein.

Siegestor Gate in Munich, find the best neighborhoods for nightlife in Munich.


Across the river, in Haidhausen you’ll find all your classic American cocktail style bars. This whole area is known as the French Quarter, and you’ll see many similarities to France along with some great French restaurants. Youll notice those tasty classic cocktail bars I mentioned such as Negroni and Barroom.

Haidhausen in Munich, Germany. Find the best cocktail bars in Munich, Germany.


The nightclubs are all in the same area spanning from Harry Klein at Sonnenstrasse to a bunch clustered around Königsplatz and quite a few in a row along Ottostrasse. There is another grouping of clubs behind the Sbahn tracks at Ostbahnhof, it is usually a younger crowd, an international group and it’s a massive complex filled with lots of nightclubs and bars.

The ultimate Munich nightlife, bar and drinking guide. Find the hottest clubs, cocktail bars, local spirits and best bars for a great night of partying in Munich, Germany,

The ultimate Munich nightlife, bar and drinking guide. Find the hottest clubs, cocktail bars, local spirits and best bars for a great night of partying in Munich, Germany,

The ultimate Munich nightlife, bar and drinking guide. Find the hottest clubs, cocktails, local spirits and best bars for a great night of partying in Munich, Germany.

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Have you been out partying in Munich, what is your favorite bar? If not, let me know if you ever need more insider tips for Munich for partying or other hidden gem adventures!

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The ultimate Munich nightlife, bar and drinking guide. Find the hottest clubs, cocktail bars, local spirits and best bars for a great night of partying in Munich, Germany.