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Are you curious about what fun and festive activities and things there are to do in Munich during the winter months? Munich is a picture-perfect European city in the winter, especially after a snowfall. The snow dusts the churches and charming red roofs of the old town with a fairytale white. Not only is it picture-perfect, but there are many cultural events, including fantastic concerts, great outdoor activities, and plenty of events to entertain you. If you’ve come to Munich for its famous Christmas markets in December, you might find yourself marketed out or eager to explore more of what this city has to offer. Or maybe you’ve arrived in Munich after the cheerful holiday season, and it seems cold, dark, and empty. No matter your reason for traveling here, there are plenty of things to do in Munich in the winter, including November, December, January, and February. So, pack your warm gear and Los Gehts!

26 things to do this winter in Munich, Germany

Munich and the surrounding area of Bavaria are teeming with fun things to do in the winter. Whether you are an outdoor snow-loving adventurer or enjoy a quiet day curled up in a cafe with a good book, Munich has a winter activity for everyone.

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Weather and What to Pack

Munich can be quite moody in the winter. Temperatures can range anywhere from 40 F down to 0 F. You’re likely to encounter snow, sun, and rain. I recommend layers as the best option, especially for anyone without proper winter gear. Pack boots that will keep your feet dry and warm wool socks. Pack a winter coat or one you can layer underneath. Bring a hat, gloves, and a scarf; you should be ready to beat the cold with these fun winter activities.

For a complete packing guide, read my German winter essentials packing guide.

Winter in Munich: Fun Things to Do!

There are so many fun things to do in Munich every winter. Explore at your own pace with my list of winter activities or book a guided excursion or activity to have a local show you around one of Europe’s best cities to visit during winter!

1. Check out a Snowy View of Munich

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. Munich, Germany bird's eye view of the city in winter.

View from St. Peter’s Church.

Munich has to have one of Europe’s cutest bird’s eye views. With limitations on skyscrapers and a focus on old European architecture, you can’t beat it, especially when the red roofs are covered with a fresh dusting of snow. This view can be reached from Peterskirche or St. Peter’s Church right in the center of Munich at Marienplatz. 3 Euro will grant you access to the long, zigzagging staircase leading up to the top. The best part about coming in winter (other than Christmas time) is that it is usually not as crowded, so you can take your time and get a good photo!

2. Go Sledding in and Around Munich.

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. Sledding in Spitzingee near Munich in the German Alps

Sledding in Spitzingee near Munich.

I remember growing up in a small town in Alaska; we used to have miles of sledding hills at our doorstep. I would suit up and sled out for hours of fun. I never dreamed of living in a European city with sledding in the central part of town! There are three main sledding hills in Munich. The first is in the Englischergarten at Monopteros, which you can find on Google Maps. The other two are located at Olympiaberg and Luitpoldhügel. Olympiaberg has a tube run so you can race down in an innertube. Sleds are not provided at these locations, but you can buy a cheap butt seat for sledding at any sporting goods store; make sure to give it to a family on the hill if you’re only in town visiting and plan on throwing it away.

My favorite sledding area is a snow-filled day trip from Munich for extreme sledding in the Alps. Here, you hike up a small winding path, and at the top, you can warm up with beer and food before beginning your descent. You pay 2 euros for a traditional wooden toboggan rental. You sled down the same path you hiked up, and it is quite the ride, lasting about 7-10 minutes. Drop the sled off at the bottom and head home. In my detailed post, find out more about this winter day trip from Munich.

3. Enjoy Ice Skating in Munich City Center

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. Ice Skating in Munich Stachus

Ice Skating in Munich

The city center of Munich transforms into a skating rink from November to January. Stop by and rent skates for an allotted session of ice skating. At night, they turn on neon lights, which turns into an all-out party. The fun doesn’t stop there as the entire area of Stachus transforms into a cozy Alpine village. You can warm up with a cup of Glühwein and piping hot snacks.

4. Experience Munich’s Christmas Markets

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. Munich's Christmas Markets Marienplatz, Germany

No trip to Munich in the winter is complete without experiencing the iconic Christmas markets, which are open from late November to the end of December. Shop charming vendors, drink copious amounts of Glühwein, and eat all the würst you can handle. Munich has 16 Christmas markets, including the traditional markets at Marienplatz, a historic medieval market, and alternative markets. The city transforms into a Christmas snow globe with festive decorations and lights. Walk from market to market as you shop from vendors, enjoy Christmas market foods, and drink copious amounts of Glühwein.

Read my detailed guide to plan your winter holiday around the Christmas markets. Find the best markets, food, drink, and alternative markets, and learn some Christmas phrases in German!

The 2023 markets will be held from November 27 to Dec 24, 2023. Some markets open earlier on Nov 23, while others stay open until the Dec 31.

5. Ride the Christmas Tram

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. Munich's Christmas Tram

Small disclaimer: I rode this, and it was crowded and so steamy you couldn’t see out the windows. So, It’s not my top recommendation of things to do in Munich in the winter, but it might be right up someone’s alley. This is a normal tram that has been decked out in Christmas trim. It runs around the city for about 20 minutes, and they serve Glühwine on the tram for 6 euros. The tram picks up from the Sendlinger Tor Tram stop, and you can’t miss it with all the Christmas lights and decorations.

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6. See an English Movie

Sometimes, it is just too cold to be outside exploring, which is the perfect time to go see an English Movie. A charming theater in Munich shows only English or (original language) movies in a historic theater. If Rocky Horror is your thing, it plays every Friday and Saturday at 11:00 pm. You often need tickets in advance; purchase them at the link below. The website is partially in German, but you should be able to manage it; if not, you can show up early and buy tickets there.

Buy tickets here!

7. Take A Day Trip to Scenic Zugspitze

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. View from Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak in winter.

View from Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak in winter.

This trip is for you if you want a scenic view of the German Alps in Winter but are not a skier or snowboarder. This day trip will take all day, combining everything from a regional train, a cogwheel train up through the mountains, and a scenic tram. A great traditional Bavarian restaurant is at the top for lunch and an area to walk around and explore on foot. Zugspitze is a glacier area, so you can return home and tell your friends you’ve walked on a glacier. Zugspitze is also the highest point in Germany, and it borders Austria. At the top of the peak, you can walk across the German-Austrian border as many times as you want; how cool is that? Read a detailed post about how to get to Zugspitze here.

Or book a guided tour, including transportation to and from Zugspitze, a cogwheel train, and a gondola ride!

8. Expand your Knowledge at a Museum

Things to do in Munich in the winter. Museum in Munich at Königsplatz.

Neoclassical Museum in Königsplatz.

Munich is a museum lover’s dream destination. Munich is host to everything from the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest science and technology museum, that’s right, I said the largest in the WORLD, to neoclassic art and ancient civilization museums. If you happen to be in Munich on a Winter Sunday, most museums are 1 Euro or half off! Munich has a museum quarter, the Maxvorstadt neighborhood surrounding Königsplatz, making it easy to check out several in one day. If you can only go to one museum, I recommend the Deutsches Museum.

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9. Snowboard/ski the German (or Austrian) Alps

Snowboarding at Garmisch 2

Munich is located just 45 minutes from the Alps by train or bus. Munich is the perfect launching point if you have always wanted to ski or snowboard the Alps. You can have an independent day by train or book a ski trip on a bus that takes you to and from the Austrian Alps, including breakfast, lunch, a lift ticket, and a beer. The bus driver also handles all your baggage and has a host responsible for getting your lift ticket. I highly recommend this last option for anyone looking to make friends or is intimidated by independent travel. Your host will speak German, but if you ask, they usually speak English and can give you personal information based on your needs. Find out more information about ways to get out and ski the Alps with my comprehensive guide here.

10. Attend a Concert, Opera, or The Theater

Attending Harry Potter in Concert in Munich, Germany. Things to do in Munich in the winter.

Harry Potter in Concert!

Attending a cultural event in a foreign country or language is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. You can check the Philharmonie for concerts. This is my favorite winter activity, and I’ve been obsessively attending Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy in Concert. The movie plays on a screen while a live orchestra plays the soundtrack. It’s such a fun event! The Munich Opera has regular operas that come through town. Most of them are in Italian and then translated into German for subtitles, so it’s fascinating. Germans are a bit strange in art, so classic operas tend to have a German twist – think of nudity on stage and abstract art that is so abstract you’re not sure if it is even art anymore. I highly recommend it.

Book tickets to some of Munich’s best classical concert events here. Some even include dinner or a wine tasting. Indulge in a fancy night out on the town!

11. Take a Walk Through Munich’s Graveyard

Things to do in Munich, Germany. See the Graveyard in Winter

Munich’s Graveyard in Winter

I love visiting the graveyard every season to see the changes. The historic Alter Südfriedhof graveyard has graves dating back to the late 1700s and is a large park-like area where you can walk around and get some fresh air. It is so hauntingly breathtaking with a fresh coat of snow.

12. Take the Hey Minga Winter Tour

Things to do in Munich in the Winter. Take the Hey Minga Winter Tour.

Hey Minga Winter Tour.

Hey, Minga is a fantastic local German tour company with roots in Hamburg and other German cities. Each tour is tailored to its host city, changes with the season, and focuses on underground and alternative sights. I had the pleasure of taking the Hey Minga Christmas tour, and it was well worth it. We bundled up, piled into a classic red VW bus, and toured street art, sledding hills, Christmas markets, and other oddities. At every stop, we were searched for piping hot Glühwein and cookies to keep us fueled up for the tour. Our guide spoke great English and was happy to engage and answer questions. This is a great tour for a group of friends or a family. I realize their entire website is in German. So, email them at hey@heyminga-touren.com and ask to set up an English-speaking tour!

See their tours here!

13. Warm up in a Sauna or Thermal Bath

Stop by and take a dip at Müller’sches Volksbad. This gorgeous pool and sauna building bridges the Isar River inside and out. Or, if you want to get to the airport early, stop by Therma Erding for a posh modern spa experience. They have everything from luxury day beds to a swimming pool, a spa, and fun water slides. If you are up for a day trip or a quiet weekend away, check out the spa and thermal baths at Kochel am See. Kochel is a town right at the foothills of the Alps, and it is an idyllic Bavarian town.

14. Go Shopping

Things to do in Munich in the Winter, go shopping.

Munich’s shopping district.

Munich has a luxury shopping strip on the road called Maximilianstraße. But, as always, I encourage you not to shop at these large corporate stores. Visit the neighborhoods of Glockenbach around an area called Gartnerplatz. Here, you will find small, locally-owned stores with sustainable and eco-focused principles. Another great shopping district is near Universität – start on Schellingstraße and meander the streets from around there for great local boutiques and gift shops.

15. Read at a Library or Bookstore

Things to do in Munich in the Winter, go to the Library

Munich has some amazing libraries. Most of them are free to go in, but you must be a member to check out books. Be prepared to check your oversized bag into a locker and pass through security, as many libraries are part of the universities or are of great historical value. Check out the State Library of Bavaria for great architecture and a bounty of books. If you prefer small bookstores, peek at Hugendubel, Press and Books, or the Munich Readery. Most places have an English section.

16. Watch – or Try Curling

Head over to Nymphenburg Palace for outdoor curling. The curling area is open most days from 9 am – 5 pm, and it is only 4 Euro per person for 4 hours of fun. I’ve never been curling, but my dad used to play, so I thought it might be fun for you all to get outdoors and try something new!

17. Experience Carnival or Fasching

Things to do in Winter, go to Carnival or Fasching.

Germans get into Carnival or, as it is called here, Fasching. Starting on the 7th of January, this event continues until Faschingsdienstag, or Fat Tuesday as it is commonly known. Typically, you’ll see events the weekend before Fat Tuesday, but the entire downtown area turns into a party on this particular Tuesday. Stop by Viktualienmarkt for food, drinks, costumes, and scheduled events on stage. Don’t forget your costume, or you’ll be out of place. You can swing by a drugstore and get the makeup for a simple cat face. Stop by any bakery and order a Krapfen, the German pastry to eat before Lent.

18. Attend a Paint and Wine Night

Things to do in Munich in the winter, Art night with paint and wine.

This whole class will be in German, but that’s ok. Just order all the wine you can drink and try to match the painting sample. It helped my friends and me practice our German and make new local friends and ex-pats. It was great fun, even though I realized I am a terrible painter.

See their Munich schedule here!

19. Sip Coffee at a Cafe

Things to do in Munich in the winter, go to a cafe.

There is no better way to beat the cold of winter than sipping hot coffee or hot chocolate at a cafe. Munich isn’t known for its cafe culture, I’ll be the first to admit, but I’ve done all the hard work and found the best cafes that are great for relaxing and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Germans are weird about Wi-Fi, so it’s hard to find Wi-Fi. Whenever I find a cafe serving good coffee and Wi-Fi, I move in.

My favorite place with Wi-Fi and coffee is Coffee Mammas or Aroma Cafe Bar. Other great places to hang out and get good coffee without the wifi are Man vs Machine and Rösteri. Check out my hipster guide to Munich for more details on coffee shops.

20. Tour the BMW Factory

Things to do in Munich in the Winter, Tour the BMW factory.

Even if you’re not a car lover, this experience is great for everyone. BMW does a great job of keeping things interesting and engaging. There are three different experiences and areas to explore. The Experience Tour is free, and you can visit a fancy showroom highlighting the cool, modern, and classic BMW cars. The museum is ticketed, and you can go anytime during opening hours. It covers the history of BMW. The Factory Tour is also ticketed, and you may need to book well in advance – though coming in the winter, you have an advantage. This factory walks you through all the stages of making a car, and you get to see a car made from beginning to end.

21. Hit up Munich’s Best Bars or Nightclub

Best bars in Munich

I have a whole post locked and loaded for your ultimate night in Munich. It covers everything from how to order a drink in German, the best microbreweries, craft cocktail bars, and dive bars to the best nightclubs. This post also has all the winter beer and spirit events, from a beer expo to Starkbierfest. If you prefer to learn about German beer culture and history, check out my full post on all the best beers, beer halls, and beer-themed day trips.

22. See a Castle in the snow!

Seeing Germany’s most famous castle dusted in the snow is magical. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Disney’s Frozen. Plan the trip yourself or book a guided tour. Please note that if you want a tour that includes entrance to the castle, you must book the Premium Tour.

23.  Go to Sea Life Munich

If you like aquariums, then head over to Sea Life Munich. Munich’s aquarium specializes in turtles and sharks; see a variety of both in stunning exhibits. The Munich Aquarium engages in research and conservation. They actively support the rehabilitation and rescue of marine life. They also help support and fund a beluga sanctuary, which allows formerly captive belugas to return to a wild-like sanctuary in the actual ocean.

24. Hop-on Hop-Off Tour

If the weather is too cold to do anything, hop on a heated bus for a quick tour of Munich. These busses are a great way to get around the city, in a comfortable way you can still take in all the sites. As you drive around, you’ll get lots of information about Munich.

25. See The Krampus Run

Krampus Run Munich Germany

Krampus is St. Nikolas’ evil assistant. Created by German parents, the story goes he follows bad children around and terrorizes them into being good children. So, every year in December, 300-400 people dress up in elaborate costumes as Krampus and parade through the city. They will grab and scare children in the street, which is a sight to see.

Sunday, December 10, 2023, at Marienplatz

26. Ring in the New Year

If you are in Munich for the New Year, don’t miss my guide to Munich’s best NYE parties and events. I even include loads of German and Bavarian NYE traditions and culture. Of course, I also have some local insider tips on the best places to watch fireworks.

I love the Living Hotel chain for its progressive, sustainable efforts. Plus, it is a small family-owned chain that started right here in Munich! I’ve personally stayed here and recommend it!

Where to Stay in Munich in Winter

Over the years, I’ve stayed in many hotels in Munich.

I love the Living Hotel chain for its progressive, sustainable efforts. Plus, it is a small family-owned chain that started right here in Munich! I’ve personally stayed here and recommend it!

Other excellent options in Munich I can personally recommend after staying in each one are:

  • Royal Bavarian for a lavish only-in-Munich experience. It’s probably the only hotel I recommend near the train station. 
  • Flushing Meadows for the independent hipster traveler in the heart of the alternative district – my former neighborhood
  • Schwan Lock for those who want to visit Munich like a local – close to Tollwood. Great co-working space and bar!
  • Bayerische Hof for the high-rollers who want to stay where celebrities stay

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Exciting things to do during the Winter in Munich, Germany. Enjoy thrilling outdoor winter activities like sledding and skiing, curl up with a good book at a library, experience rich culture at the theater or stay warm in a hot sauna.

26 things to do this winter in Munich, Germany
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