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If you think Munich is all about pork knuckle, schnitzel, veal, and bratwurst, then I am about to blow your tiny mind. As a local vegetarian, who mostly eats vegan when I can, in Munich, I’ve eaten my way through dozens of all vegan restaurants and sampled hundreds of vegetarian dishes. Every year Munich becomes more diverse and progressive, with the options for vegetarians and vegans continuously growing, making it a top contender for meatless diets. Germans are relatively mindful people, and environmental awareness is a huge driving factor in the rise in vegetarian options and overall green living. In this guide, I’ll help you learn how to ask for no meat in German, recognize German words for common meats, invite you to my favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Munich with options for all budgets, and suggest some traditional Bavarian food that is vegan/vegetarian so you don’t have to miss out on all the cultural fun.

Munich’s Best all Vegan Restaurants

Being vegetarian in Munich is quite easy, but with the German’s love for alpine cheese and dairy products, being vegan is a bit harder. I once tried to order a vegan coffee and was told that milk was good for me and I should order lactose-free instead. In times like this, stand firm, most places at least carry soy and have a salad. However, if you follow this guide you’ll be getting much more than a sad side salad instead, you’ll be eating at excellent vegan restaurants, with mouthwatering food.

Dr. Drooley

This is hands down the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had in my life. In fact, it is so good, that I literally eat it every single Friday night. It has become a routine that my husband and I order one of their delicious pizzas and enjoy a bit of vegan gluttony to ring in the weekend. They use cashew cheese that is creamy and delicious. Some of the other toppings you can get are crispy vegan bacon bites, spicy vegan sausage, and so much more. If you are vegan or not, this might even be the best pizza in Munich.

Emmi’s Kitchen

Munich Vegetarian and Vegan Food Emmi's Kitchen

Another favorite of mine, in Munich, is Emmi’s Kitchen which is nestled away on a quiet street. It shares an Innenhof- or inner courtyard- with a yoga studio and has lovely outdoor seating with a shaded natural awning. Their menu is simple, focusing on salad and superfood bowls, vegan gourmet burgers, and a breakfast menu. My favorite thing to order is Quinoa Avocado Chicks n’ Ginger, which is a salad bowl stuffed with chickpeas, carrots, spinach, quinoa, seeds, avocado, and more. I always pair it with a vegan oat milk chai latte and a bio-organic juice. For breakfast, they serve tofu scrambles, vegan pancakes, and more.


The front of Siggis is a vegan bakery with grab-and-go sandwiches, cupcakes, and other pastries. If you want a more formal dinner there is a sit-down restaurant in the back. Siggis has a seasonal menu that rotates to feature fresh and local ingredients. The menu lists salads, bowls, pasta dishes, BBQ tempeh, and my favorite – a vegan club sandwich. They have vegan bio wine on the menu. The staff here are very friendly and incredibly mindful, so feel free to strike up a convo and get more vegan tips from them.

Max Pett

Max Pett Vegan food in Munich

Max Pett is quite popular as it is one of the few places that does traditional German food vegan style. So, if you’re looking for a vegan schnitzel, vegan knödle, etc., then this is the place for you. They do vegan “cheese”, or käse, quite well and their salad with vegan feta is quite tasty. They even serve something that resembles vegan baked cheese raclette, a Swiss Alpine dish.  For lunch, they have a daily rotating menu embracing various cultures from India, The Balkans, and The Middle East, enabling you to try traditional foods made vegan from around the world. This restaurant shows that you can keep traditions alive while doing your part to reduce animal cruelty and be environmentally friendly. Not all vegan food has to be salad and quinoa; we can have vegan cheese-covered french fries if we want! Reservations are encouraged for dinner.

Fun Fact: This place was named after Germany’s Max Pett, who is responsible for the clean city and incredible drinking water Munich has today. He pushed the limits in health and sanitation and set the bar for European cities. Munich is one of the cleanest cities in Europe and we have him to thank! He also had a no alcohol policy for heath reasons and to honor this Max Pett does not serve alcohol or promote drinking culture which makes it a great option for Muslims who want to partake in German culture.


This place focuses on international comfort food like chili “cheese” fries, vegan gyros, vegan buffalo wings, jackfruit burgers, hummus, and even some of your German favorites like vegan schnitzel. I like to come here when I am missing dishes from home like buffalo wings, but I can eat them guilt and meat-free! Bodhi was Bavaria’s first vegan Wirsthaus, opening the door for a booming vegan scene. It’s a great place to indulge in all your favorite comfort foods.

Cafe Katzentemple

A vegan place that supports cats, yes, please! All the food is vegan and homemade with love. Katzentemple, as you guessed has cats or Katze in German. All cats here are rescued and supported by their lovely owners. Come snuggle cats and eat a vegan breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Gratitude Vegan cafe Munich

We often go here for my birthday since Gratitude is a finer dining establishment. Here you can get several courses of vegan food paired with organic wine. You can also order á la carte, for a less formal event. Their menu is seasonally rotating, so you never know what you’re going to get, but some of the best dishes I’ve ordered are a stuffed avocado with a southwestern flair, a shared hummus appetizer, and vegan cheesecake for dessert. The restaurant is small and popular so you should consider making a reservation.

Tushita Teahouse

This cozy little tea house serves dozens of fresh hot loose-leaf teas with your favorite vegan cakes, sandwiches, bowls, and snacks to go alongside it. It is great for catching up with a friend for lunch or warming up on a cold winter day. Many of their teas are organic and you can stock up for your hotel or home.

Soy Vegan

Soy Vegan is a Vietnamese place with all vegan options. I love coming here with a group of girlfriends. We order their tapas and share plates, stuffing ourselves with some great Vietnamese food without worrying about what ingredients might be hiding in the food. The ambiance of the dining experience is upscale chic, which is hard to find in a good vegan restaurant. So, I encourage you to dress up a bit, order a cocktail, and order one of everything.

Querbeet Food – Food Truck

If you’re into the food truck scene, then keep an eye out for the bright red Querbeet food truck. You’ll find them at Christmas markets, festivals, events, and parking around the city. They have fantastic ratatouille, falafel, and couscous.

Lost Weekend

lost weekend cafe in Munich, Germany

This ultra-hip vegan cafe located in the heart of our university district is known for its sustainable business practices and vegan food. Their tables are constructed from recycled cardboard and their soups are served in glass jars. This is a great spot to get vegan coffee and hot vegan soup while getting some work done with their wifi and university feel.

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Munich’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Some of these restaurants do have meat options, but a good portion of their menu is vegetarian, or they are branded as vegetarian.


Tian is a very fancy dining experience in the heart of Munich, serving up multi-course vegetarian fine dining. My husband and I ordered their make-at-home menu during the lockdown and enjoyed every bite. One of my favorite things about TIAN is they focus on fresh, local, and seasonal foods and produce. The menu is always changing, but always great. TIAN is the perfect date night spot or celebratory location for vegetarians in Munich.


Vegelangelo is a semi-fancy vegan and vegetarian establishment. All of their vegetables and fruit are grown organically and are usually fresh and in season. On Friday and Saturday, they only serve 3 or 4-course meals with optional wine pairing. All dishes are hand-made to order, so expect to wait and enjoy a good dinner conversation. This place only accepts cash from EC Karte (German bank card).

Dean and David

This is a super casual grab-and-go restaurant with kiosks and restaurants around the entire city of Munich – including the central train station. They have vegan hot paninis on wheat bread, vegetarian flatbread wraps, salads, soups, bowls, smoothies, and more. I always stock up on my Dean and David before boarding a train and often order take away from them – as their boxes are mostly cardboard reducing their plastic waste.

Bite Delight

Similar to Dean and David this is an excellent spot for pre-made food on the go. Stock up on vegan and vegetarian salads, power food bowls, and sandwiches to take on the road. As an added bonus most of their to-go containers have minimal plastic!

Hungriges Herz

One of my favorite places in Munich, this place has heart (Herz) shaped vegetarian pizzas. What more do you need in life? Ok, maybe we also need vegan and vegetarian bowls, sandwiches, salads, breakfast, brunch, and bagels. My favorite thing to order is their sweet potato avocado bowl with lots of fresh ingredients and plenty of tofu for protein. Their coffee is fantastic and can be made with several vegan milk options and always comes with a little heart-shaped chocolate (not vegan). This is the perfect spot for a healthy – or not so healthy – brunch but can get quite crowded on the weekends.

Prinz Myshkin

The original and first vegan and vegetarian cafe in Munich, but maybe not the best. Plenty of better options have come up in Munich if you ask me, but they do the job. The decor is the best part, and their hip, modern dining space is relaxing and spacious. I will say they have the most extensive menu of any of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Munich, so if you’re looking for everything from vegan spaghetti and meatballs, vegetarian pizza, vegetarian Indian food, to Caribbean salad, then this is a great place to go.

Green Elephant Pizza

While just about any pizza place is going to have cheese pizza, the Green Elephant is a haven for people with diet restrictions including vegan, gluten, and dairy. You can order organic vegan pizza with gluten-free crust or indulge with cheese and regular crust. All ingredients are local, organic, and fresh for a healthy take on wood-fired pizza, pasta, and salads.

Umis Cafe

I haven’t been to Umis Cafe, but I rode my bike past it the other day and slammed on my breaks when I saw their huge sign advertising vegan and vegetarian food. They weren’t open, but after fogging up their window, they look like they have one section for freshly baked vegan and vegetarian treats and a sit-down area for hot vegetarian and vegan dishes. They even had a shared vegetarian dish for large groups, so if you’re traveling with a posse of vegetarians, this might be worth checking out.

Wagners Cafe

vegan food in munich acai bowl wagners

This small cafe and superfood bowl restaurant along the Isar is perfect for a fresh snack in the middle of the day. Order coffee to go with your acai banana bowl and people watch at one of their cozy chairs facing the window. They also have vegetarian and vegan salads and smoothies.

Frischfutter München

Pre-made and quick (but hot) vegan and vegetarian options are what you’ll find at Frischfutter. The best part about this location is the focus on sustainable business practices from energy reduction, plastic, and waste reduction. They also try to reduce artificial ingredients and don’t add extra sugar to their food. This is a healthy place through and through. They have lots of bowls on the menu and in winter try their hot vegan chili and in the summer go light with a Buddha Bowl. They have lots of gluten-free options as well.

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

I just learned that this place is internet famous – I just know it as a local vegetarian who knows where to find good food. Whenever I am standing in a very long line to order I overhear people saying, “I came here from all the way from my hotel because I read about it on trip advisor.” To be honest, I haven’t seen their Trip Advisor reviews, but apparently, the line in Berlin where it originates is the longest line in the city. I’ll think twice before I complain about the one in Munich. Is it worth the hype? Definitely. You just might want to avoid it during lunch if you’re in a hurry. Their veggie or Gemüse kebap is chocked full of steaming hot veggies that are then smothered in homemade seasoning and sauce that is to die for. Put this on your veggie bucket list.

LAX Eatery

Do you miss fresh, healthy U.S.-style vegetarian and vegan food? Then LAX Eatery is for you. With avocado bread, fat stacks of pancakes, and fresh fruit cups you know you’re in a treat from home (if you’re from the U.S. of course). They even have Instagrammable angel wings painted outside, so you can even get your basic on and pretend you’re in LA.

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Traditional German Food that is Vegan/Vegetarian


pretzel vegan munich

Thank goodness Bavaria’s staple is usually vegan in modern bakeries! I’ve taken a pretzel-making class with a professional Bavarian baker and we made our pretzels with flour, water, yeast, lye solution, and a bit of beer. Thankfully I’ve never encountered a pretzel made with butter or lard, but as a reader pointed out, there are some more traditional places that might include this in their recipe. So, always double-check before shoving as many of these as you possibly can down your throat in a time of need. To help here is a guide to where pretzels are guaranteed to be vegan. While Munich has tons of amazing vegan and vegetarian options, a lot of times the traditional festivals like Oktoberfest aren’t the most vegan-friendly places, but thankfully the pretzels at Oktoberfest are vegan. Keep it vegan by asking for it is is traditional, eating mustard on the side, or take it vegetarian by asking for butter or my favorite, Obatzda which is a soft cheese and butter combo.


käsespätzle German Christmas Market Food

While you can sometimes find vegan Käsespätzel at the restaurants I mentioned above, traditionally this dish is loaded with cheese. It is the mac and cheese you always wanted growing up. With hearty mountain cheese or Bergkäse, melting over freshly made long twisted pasta pieces and topped with fried onions this dish is perfect during the winter months while skiing in the German Alps or to help you warm while traveling in Munich during the winter.

Knodelsuppe – vegetarian Knodel

You might need to exercise a little bit of the German I teach you at the end of the post. You can often find vegetarian or vegan Knodel, or dumplings, in Germany, but you want to make sure the broth is not made with meat stock. You’ll want to ensure that the base is made with veggie stock and the dumpling is made with potato or spinach.


Kaiserschmarrn munich vegetarian food

Kaiserschmarrn is hard to say, but a tasty option for vegetarians. Sorry vegans, this typically has eggs and milk in it, and I have yet to find a vegan option. This dish is basically a pancake that is cut up and served on a platter with apple sauce on the side and powdered sugar on top. You can find this at most German restaurants, ski huts, and Oktoberfest.


Munich Microbreweries and craft beers

Lucky for us another German staple is vegan. See, I told you it wasn’t all veal and pork! Drink as much beer as you want and have a great time.


Flammkuchen Vegan Christmas food Munich

If you see flammkuchen on the menu there are usually two options, one with speck or ham – so stay away from that – and a vegetarian option that often has spring onions, tomato, or other various veggies. The base almost always has cream – sorry vegans, but you can try and ask for just the bread and baked veggies. Various types of flatbread are sold at most traditional restaurants and events.


Potatoes are everywhere in German; you can get them as deep-fried pancakes AKA hashbrowns, in french fry form, or roasted. The German word for potato is Kartoffel, and the German word for french fry is Pommes.


Salat or salad is almost always on the menu. Most gourmet salads at German restaurants have Ziegenkäse or goat cheese on them. You can keep it vegetarian, or ask for no cheese for the vegan option.

Spargel Zeit!

spargel Munich vegetarian food

Spargel Zeit – or literally asparagus time is a magical time of year in the spring when Germans binge on giant white (and smaller green) asparagus that is fresh from local farms. You can find people selling it in the streets and in restaurants serving it up with potatoes and a vegetarian sauce. However, the sauce is often made with egg, so please ask your server if you are vegan to put the sauce on the side.

Restaurants With Options for Everyone

munich vegan food

These restaurants don’t focus on vegetarian or vegan food, but they have flavorful and a variety of options to make any veggie person happy and their meat-eating comrades as well. Since The Vietnam War up until the recent influx of people from Africa and the Middle East, Munich has taken in a lot of immigrants over the years. So, you will find a lot of amazing Vietnamese restaurants with vegan tofu buns, Middle Eastern places with great hummus, and African dining with saucy veggie stew and flatbread. So, try something outside the box and enjoy Munich’s multicultural cuisine.


My favorite Afghani restaurant has a full page dedicated to vegan and vegetarian options that are to die for. They have this spicy eggplant sauce served on a bed of jasmine rice that I randomly crave throughout the week. The place is quite popular and reservations are recommended, but the food is worth it. They also have traditional Afghani options including meat kebaps to appease the meat eaters, but when they try your eggplant they might get jealous and convert ;) They also accommodate other dietary needs such as gluten and dairy.

Zimt Cafe

This is a vegan and vegetarian brunch place sent from the stars. They have a full vegan breakfast, vegetarian and vegan lunch options, plus plenty for meat eaters. They will also bake you some gluten-free bread or have it ready to serve – you just have to ask. They also cater to other allergies such as dairy or nuts as needed.


NENI Restaurant Munich Germany 25Hours Hotel

Located in one of the best hotels in the center of Munich, 25Hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, this restaurant has a tasting platter for large groups that is all vegetarian (it does come with cream and egg). Honestly, with the homemade hummus and flatbread covered in sauce and veggies, your meat-eating friends aren’t going to miss meat, but if they do, there are plenty of chicken skewers to shut them up.

München 72

munich vegan good

This is a very local recommendation, and I love coming here for Saturday brunch and getting their vegan breakfast with stuffed avocado, couscous, and perfectly cooked tomatoes for breakfast. They have a vegetarian breakfast as well with plenty of cheese options and even some good old fashion bacon for the rest of the group.

Blue Nile

This place is a bit off the beaten path, but the neighbor is artistic and worth checking out if you head up to the Blue Nile for dinner. This Ethiopian restaurant has this massive shared pot of stewed veggies, dipping sauces, and traditional Ethiopian flatbreads, so everyone can dig in and be happy. They also have traditional Ethiopian meats and wines on the menu. The owners, from Ethiopia, are lovely and you’ll feel a part of their family. Book a table on the weekends.


One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, but honestly you can’t go wrong with Vietnamese in Munich. Order their vegan bun and your friends can get a more traditional Pho with meat broth so everyone is happy. If you’re not looking for a sit-down option then check out a place called Chi Thu which is a Vietnamese street food joint and has a whole vegan section. You can get vegan red bean dumplings, vegan banh mi, and veggie pho.

Ruff’s Burger

I get it, when you’re traveling and want something quick and familiar it is nice to grab a burger and be done with it. Ruff’s Burger has a few locations around Munich and their veggie patty is to die for! You can customize your burger for vegan or vegetarian preferences and the rest of the group can get a beef or chicken burger.

Gute Nacht Wurst

Dying to try that currywurst you’ve heard so much about, but you’re vegan so whomp whomp, too bad for you? Not too bad for you! Head to Gute Nacht Wurst and order their vegan currywurst with vegan sauce. Make sure to add a side of vegan Pommes for a great time! There is traditional currywurst for your meat-eating friends, but the real magic happens in the sauce and to be honest the vegan one is better :).

Vegan Coffee and Snacks

We can have our vegan cake and eat it too! Since most pastries and snacks at least vegetarian I’m just going to focus on where to find vegan treats, coffee, and desserts.

Aroma Cafe Bar

aroma cafe bar vegetarian food in munich

This place has several milk options, including Oat (Hafer), Almond (Mandel), and Soy (soya). They can make you some fantastic vegan coffees including flat whites, latte macchiato, and more. I don’t think they have vegan chocolate, unfortunately, so avoid the mocha. If you’re hungry while getting your coffee, then check out their veggie or vegan egg scrambles or quick bites in the other room. This place is insanely popular and near impossible to find a seat on the weekends, so try to visit during the week for a more relaxing visit. Aroma is dedicated to zero waste, they donate some profits to NGOs, and the women who own it is a lovely person. They also speak English!

Man v Machine

Munich best hipster coffee man vs machine

This extreme hipster joint is one of the coolest coffee shops in Munich. If you like your vegan coffee served by people in beards and cool tats, then this is the place. They have several types of milk, including all your non-dairy favorites, and they often have small vegan bites like red beet brownies, but they do not serve food or have wifi. You come here for the coffee and to be seen.

Back Bean

Black Bean is a German franchise chain dedicated to organic coffee. There are two in Munich and are typically filled with university students studying. You’ll find soy and, I think, almond milk. They also have small vegetarian sandwiches and bites.

Cafe Blá

cafe bla vegan cafe in munich

This cozy cafe on the other side of the Isar came as a blessing from Sweden. Cafe Blau feels like the cozy coffee houses of the north with their hip modern decor and the best part is they have TONS of vegan treats. They serve vegan waffles, cakes, muffins, bread, cookies, sandwiches, and salads. They have a variety of milk and a great selection of teas and bio juices. They have wifi and lots of tables, so it’s a great place to get some work done or enjoy a relaxing break from the city center.

IceDate – Vegan Ice Cream

This all-vegan ice cream-making trio is dedicated to using all organic and natural ingredients, no dairy, and no artificial sugar. They sweeten their ice cream with natural sugars from dates. They have a variety of fruit and nut-flavored ice cream and are dedicated to zero waste – so you won’t find those plastic-tasting spoons that drive me bonkers.

Eiscafé Eismeer

Ice Cream Ice Meer Munich

In the heart of Munich’s gay district, the charming couple behind Eiscafé Eismeer, serve both vegan and dairy ice cream flavors in one of Munich’s favorite spots for a summer treat. You’ll find decadent ice cream sundaes, coffee ice cream floats, vegan waffles, and of course plain natural ice cream. Be prepared for a line in the summer, but you won’t be disappointed.

How to Ask for No Meat or Dairy

If you want to be triple sure you are not getting meat, it helps to know how to ask for no meat, or ask if a particular dish has meat. So, let’s learn some German phrases!

“No meat please”:  “Ohne Fleisch, Bitte!” Sounds like: Ohne (oh nay) Fleisch (fly shhh) Bitte (Bit-eh)

“Is there meat in this food?”  “Gibt es Fleisch in diesem Essen?” Sounds like: Gibt (gipt) es Fleisch in diesem (dee-zem) Essen (ess-en)

“No dairy please” “Ohne Milchprodukte, Bitte” Sounds like: Milchprodukte (mil hch – pro dookt)

You might also say Milchhandlung for dairy products (mil hch – hand – luuung)

“Is there dairy in here?” “Gibt es Milchprodukte?”

“I am Vegetarian” “Ich bin Vegetarier” Sounds like: Ich (ick) bin Vegetarier (veg – eh -tar – e – air)

“I am Vegan” “Ich bin Veganer” Sounds like: Veganer (Vee – gan -er)

Key German Words for Vegetarians to Know

You can use these words to fill in the above sentences, so you can ask if there is any cheese in something by saying “Gibt es Käse?”

Milch – Milk

Gemüse – Vegetables

Käse – Cheese

Fleisch – meat

Speck – Ham

Vegetarische – Vegetarian

Ei– Egg

Kalbfleisch – Veal

Huhn – Chicken

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Finding a good vegan and vegetarian guide to Munich is hard – trust me I had to fumble my way around the city and learn the language to find my favorite spots as a local. I’ve eaten at almost all of these myself and stand by the food and products of each vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Munich. Traveling or living in a foreign country where you don’t know the language as a vegetarian is hard, I’ve done it, that’s why you’ll want to save this guide to share with your vegetarian and vegan friends to help bust the myth that Munich is not a vegan-friendly city. If you need help navigating Munich as a vegan you can always message me for support and some additional personal tips. Happy Eating!

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