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Lübbenau and Spreewald are just a quick 1.5 hour day trip from Berlin. The serene and peaceful waterways provide a much-needed break from the stimulation of the hip city, Berlin- not to mention there are more pickles here than you could ever hope to consume. It was a running joke between the girls that the town of Lübbenau was a pregnant girls dream, filled with pickles of all flavors and ice cream on every corner. We traveled here based on a tip from the hostel front desk employee and I could not have been any happier we did. The girls and I became totally liberated as we stripped ourselves of half our clothing and slowly wandered through the sprawling rivers of the Spreewald Natural Reserve. This reserve was created in partnership with UNESCO and there is lots to do for the outgoing adventurer or the lackadaisical beer drinker.

Kayaking Spreewald Biosphere Germany UNESCO

Trip Stats for Berlin to Spreewald Day Trip

Length of Time: 8 hour-Full Day
Skill Level: 50HP I would say that there’s something to do for anyone in Lübbenau. The trek listed should be for more independent and active people who can read a map and paddle upstream for up to 4 hours. If you’re unable to paddle upstream for two hours, check out the group or walking tour options.
Packing List:

    • Bug Spray
    • Good active shoes- Keens or something good in water is preferred
    • Light Jackie for Summer-you’re in the shade most of the time
    • Longer breathable/active pants
    • Waterproof bag
    • Camera
    • Easy to pack snacks
    • Plenty of water or camelback

Kayaking in Spreewald National Biospehere Germany

Getting from Berlin to Lübbenau

Getting there is quite easy from Berlin. Hop on the S5 towards Strausberg Bhf, for 9 stops or 20 min. Then hop to RE2 towards Cottbus, Hauptbahnhof for 1 hour and 4 minutes or 11 stops. This transit option will set you back about 21 Euros for the round trip and you can buy your tickets from the Hauptbahnhof. Don’t forget to validate!

Renting Kayaks for the Spreewald Waterways

After departing the Lübbenau station it will be a short 15 min walk into the main part of town where the adventure awaits! You have several options for adventure rentals and they’re all fairly comparable. We used Bootsverleih Franke. They were wonderful! A handsome gentleman gave us all the gear needed and with a well marked map, sent us on our way, with the reassurance that if we were gone too long he would come find us. Perhaps is was the dreamy idea of having this young German come find us that caused us to wander off course and we got quite lost. We were glad we got lost, as it added to our kayaking adventure, but paddling and navigating isn’t for everyone. There are guided punt tour for large groups. With these you can sit back and relax, enjoy the view and even stop for some beer along the way.

guided punt tour Spreewald Biosphere UNESCO

Once in the water you enter a world unlike any other. Lush grasses towering over your head sway in the breeze and sunlight trickles in where it can. At first we were joined with loud punt groups, other kayakers and canoers, but the future off the beaten path you go the quieter it gets. It was in the peaceful wilderness we stripped off our tops and bathed in the golden sunlight of late afternoon. On the return trip we paddled through a quaint village with bars and shops adorning the shore. Most of these areas are not accessible by road and only boat. Make sure you provide enough time on your trip to enjoy a tasty beverage on your way home.

Water bars in Spreewald National Biosphere

From the boat docks you can venture into the main town square and the town of Lübbenau. This is a charming traditional German town, where English is not common, but there are plenty of pickels and ice cream for a hot day.

Pickles in Lübbenau Germany

If Kayaking isn’t your thing or you want to spend several days in the Lübbenau Spree area click on the following link. There are kayaking and canoeing options for a day trip or several days with designated areas to hop out on the shore and camp out. The UNESCO website also provides more information on where to camp for multi day trips. There’s also bicycling options, walking tours, horseback riding and fishing tours. I would LOVE to head back there for the pickle tour that runs every Saturday and Monday starting at 10am and is a 7 hour walking tour tasking all the succulent picks in the area!
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